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    A Facebook page, also known as a Fan Page, is like your social networking blog. Even if you have a website, your own blog and a regular Facebook Profile, it is still beneficial to create a Facebook Page. Why? There are many reasons why, but let me just give you two. One, because Facebook pages are proven to rank high in search engines. And two, because unlike your regular Facebook Profile, you can get unlimited number of “fans”.

    Anyone with a Facebook account can create a page about anything. It could be about yourself as an expert on a given field, a special interest you have, a product or service you want to promote, or your business. As far as you’re not breaking any laws, the range is practically limitless.

    To categorize the endless variety of topics that can be created, Facebook has different types of pages tailored for your specific agenda.

    • Local Business or Place
    • Company, Organization, Institution
    • Brand or Product
    • Artist, Band or Public Figure
    • Entertainment
    • Cause or Topic

    Each page type has a drop-down list of categories. Look under the type of page where you may possibly belong and select the category that best fits you. For example, for my web and graphic design business, GlobalSpex, my possible page type choices are: “Local Business or Place,” “Company, Organization or Institution,” “Brand or Product” or “Artist, Band or Public Figure.”

    Since most of my clients are outside Texas, I’m crossing out “Local”. For “Company”, I can choose either “small business” or maybe even “consulting or business services”. For “Brand or Product”, I fit under “website”. Or if I want to build myself up, I could go for “Artist, Band or Public Figure”, not because I think I’m a celebrity, but because it has a category for “business person”.

    The design and features of your page may vary a bit depending on the type of page and category you pick. So make sure to choose the best one to suit your objectives for creating one.

    To see an example of a Facebook page, check out and become a fan of mine at

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    Christina Hawkins is CEO of GlobalSpex, Inc. and a Fractional CMO for her clients. A seasoned digital marketer since 1999, Christina has designed and built exceptional websites partnering with small businesses to help them grow and increase revenue. She understands that digital marketing is a constantly evolving technology and works to stay on top of the latest changes. She is always looking for the best route for clients' lead generation needs and revenue. In addition to her ability as a digital marketer, Christina is a coach and mentor with Agency Mavericks to other digital marketing freelancers, helping them grow their businesses. She is also a sponsor and co-leader of Houston's WordPress Meetup.

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