GlobalSpex Care Plan Updates

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GlobalSpex Care Plan Updates

By Christina Hawkins / Aug 15, 2020

(00:00): Hi, everybody, with GlobalSpex. I wanted to get you a little bit of information about what’s going on with care plans. (00:17): First I…

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What Is The Difference Between WordPress Care Plans and Website Maintenance? [Video]

By Christina Hawkins / Sep 9, 2019

 Hey, everybody. It’s Christina Hawkins. I am the owner and founder of GlobalSpex Internet Marketing, and this is a video we’re going to talk…

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WordPress Maintenance News – Care Plans

By Christina Hawkins / Dec 3, 2018

I am trying to keep consistent when keeping you all informed as to the status of your Care Plans. This is my second video and…

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Protecting Your Website

Protecting Your Website From Hackers

By Christina Hawkins / Oct 7, 2018

Website Protection In the last couple of weeks our servers were hit pretty hard with Brute Force Attacks. When this happens our servers tend to slow…

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WordPress Website Security

Website Security [Video]

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 20, 2018

This is a presentation that I did for the Houston WordPress Meetup and the topic was security and keeping your WordPress website secure.

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Why Your Website Is Your Bottom Line

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 21, 2017

Think that your website is just that.. a website. I want to show you just how important your website is for your business, we have rounded up why your website should be treated as an investment and not a cost:

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WordPress Security Hacking Prevention

Managing WordPress Security [Infographic]

By Christina Hawkins / Sep 23, 2016

I created an infographic that describes the challenges and prevention that each website owner should know and understand. I hope this visually gives you an understanding about the complexities of website management.

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Why Do I Need WordPress Website Maintenance?

By Christina Hawkins / Mar 27, 2016

Your website is an open door to your customers. It’s ready to help your company 24/7. It communicates your brand and, essentially, is an investment and quite possibly your profit source. It’s a crucial part of your business.

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