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8 Key Elements for Your Services Website Pages

construction website design

8 Key Elements for Your Services Website Pages

By Christina Hawkins / Nov 8, 2017

**Updated Oct 24, 2018 Your B2B service website pages is the meat of your website. These are usually the second page folks will visit. Depending…

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Contact Us Page - Be A Resource

5 Tips For Your Contact Us Page [List]

By Christina Hawkins / Nov 6, 2017

Your Contact Us page does not need to be boring with only your phone and address. You can do some neat stuff here. Here are…

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About Us Page - Be Unique

Your About Us Page Content

By Christina Hawkins / Nov 4, 2017

Okay, so let’s move on and talk about your website’s About Us page. To many, this is the easiest page to write. I mean, let’s be…

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website conslultation

Your Homepage Content

By Christina Hawkins / Nov 2, 2017

So many of our customers are not sure what to say on the homepage. Many are a little confused about the homepage’s purpose. We think…

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startup sales worksheet

Sales and Branding Worksheet

By Christina Hawkins / Nov 1, 2017

So many of our customers are not sure what to say on the homepage. The homepage is not the place for your mission statement or…

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Homepage website design

What should I put on my website homepage?

By Christina Hawkins / Aug 28, 2017

With the many different portals and platforms that people access a website, I often wonder if there really is a homepage anymore. We tend to…

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WordPress Pages vs Templates

WordPress Pages Versus Page Templates

By Christina Hawkins / Jul 15, 2017

I get a lot of questions about how many pages we will design. Sometimes we are building a website that might include a portfolio of…

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laptop google

Why Your Website Is Your Bottom Line

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 21, 2017

Think that your website is just that.. a website. I want to show you just how important your website is for your business, we have rounded up why your website should be treated as an investment and not a cost:

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why are your customers not buying from your websise?

Top 11 Reasons Why Your Website Repels Your Customers

By Christina Hawkins / Dec 15, 2016

Ever wondered why your website isn’t making you money? Most web owners have a set it and forget it attitude toward their websites. Yes, you spent…

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Top 5 Website Performance Frustrations

Top 5 Website Performance Frustrations Every Business Must Avoid

By Christina Hawkins / Sep 6, 2016

When it comes to website performance, your customers will have expectations, regardless of what device or network they are using. When you fail to meet…

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