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5 Tips For Your Contact Us Page [List]

Contact Us Page - Be A Resource

Your Contact Us page does not need to be boring with only your phone and address. You can do some neat stuff here. Here are some ideas: 1. Add A Google Map If you have a physical address, a dynamic, embedded Google map can help your visitors get quick directions to their phone. You can…

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Your About Us Page Content

About Us Page - Be Unique

Okay, so let’s move on and talk about your website’s About Us page. To many, this is the easiest page to write. I mean, let’s be real, it’s about you and your company. Now this is something you can really sink your teeth into, right? But, let’s take a step back and consider what about your About…

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Your Homepage Content

website conslultation

So many of our customers are not sure what to say on the homepage. Many are a little confused about the homepage’s purpose. We think of the traditional idea that it is the door to your website. The homepage is usually the door, but your website will have many doorways. But this first page is…

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Sales and Branding Worksheet

startup sales worksheet

So many of our customers are not sure what to say on the homepage. The homepage is not the place for your mission statement or purpose. The homepage is meant to: Let your customers know within 3 seconds what it is you do; Why You? A couple of seconds after that, what you want them…

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What should I put on my homepage?

Homepage website design

With the change in how we access websites, I often wonder if there really is a homepage anymore. We tend to access websites through various channels and land on various interior websites. My philosophy? Every page is a homepage. Where people land depends on your internet marketing goals and campaigns. If you are performing any…

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WordPress Pages Versus Page Templates

WordPress Pages vs Templates

I get a lot of questions about how many pages we will design. Sometimes we are building a website that might include a portfolio of work or a catalog of products. I thought I’d put together a video tutorial explaining the difference. 1. A WordPress Page. A page is considered a single piece of content…

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Top 11 Reasons Why Your Website Repels Your Customers

why are your customers not buying from your websise?

Ever wondered why your website isn’t making you money? Most web owners have a set it and forget it attitude toward their websites. Yes, you spent a good amount of time at first creating your website but did you know that you should be checking on your website at least monthly? Dividends from your website will only…

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Top 5 Website Performance Frustrations Every Business Must Avoid

Top 5 Website Performance Frustrations

When it comes to website performance, your customers will have expectations, regardless of what device or network they are using. When you fail to meet these expectations, your customers become frustrated and you could lose out on revenue – both are bad for business. Here are the top web performance frustrations that businesses should avoid.…

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The Art of Managing Expectations

Expectations Web Design

Expectations: we all have them. Whether we’re anticipating a favorite food to taste a certain way, pulling for that promotion at work, or hoping to build a successful new brand from scratch – expectations are found everywhere. Managing expectations in business is necessary in order to function with effectiveness and consistency. A website build consists…

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