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The 7 Google Analytics Reports You Need to Know

The 7 Google Reports

The 7 Google Analytics Reports You Need to Know

By Christina Hawkins / Oct 1, 2019

According to Marketing Land, almost 70% of the top 10,000 websites in the world are assessing the performance of their sites using Google Analytics, and…

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How Write Website Content

How To Write Great B2B Website Content [List]

By Christina Hawkins / Apr 9, 2019

Writing content for a B2B website is about much more than playing to SEO and search rankings. While those things are essential to achieving exposure…

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7 Outdated Web Design Trends blog

8 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated in 2019

By Christina Hawkins / Apr 1, 2019

As with anything, in the past year, web design trends have already changed. As we all keep updating our mobile devices with new technology, so…

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8 conversion techniques

8 Killer Website Conversions That Contractors Can Use Today! [Examples]

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 28, 2019

Optimizing your website for Google (SEO) is a critical part of your overall success. But, if SEO is your trail of breadcrumbs, conversion is your…

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b2b web design - customer centric blog

9 Attributes for Customer Centric B2B Website Design [Examples]

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 8, 2019

In this post you’ll learn what makes a good website that puts the customer first. In fact, these are specific actions we take for every…

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b2b website design terms

28 B2B Website Design Terms You Should Know [Infographic]

By Christina Hawkins / Oct 30, 2018

[Infographic] Oh yes! I am guilty of it. If you’ve been in a single industry for as long as I have, you tend to assume…

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wordpress designer

3 Quick Fixes For Your B2B Website You Can Accomplish This Week

By Christina Hawkins / Jul 17, 2018

For any B2B website, it’s a bit daunting when you think about all of the many things you have to take into consideration with making…

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Why digital marketing matters

Why Digital Marketing Matters For Your Company

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 27, 2018

This time, I’ll drill down into the “why” — the big reasons for making digital marketing an integral part of your brand and marketing strategy as a whole.

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what is digital marketing image

What Is Digital Marketing?

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 6, 2018

So, in all transparency, honesty, and so on and so on, this blog topic, “What Is Digital Marketing,” came about because I did some research…

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website scrolling

Website Scrolling

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 23, 2018

Surprisingly, I am getting pushback lately on designing websites that scroll. I thought that myth was dead but apparently it is not. If you are…

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