How Do I Request Website Support?

How to request website support

How Do I Request Website Support?

By Christina Hawkins / Mar 30, 2020

As your digital marketing and website care partners, we want you to have a website that is always working for you. As your business needs…

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Protecting Your Website

Protecting Your Website From Hackers

By Christina Hawkins / Oct 7, 2018

Website Protection In the last couple of weeks our servers were hit pretty hard with Brute Force Attacks. When this happens our servers tend to slow…

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google analytics image

How To Transfer Google Analytics Owners

By Christina Hawkins / Jun 5, 2018

Transferring Google Analytics property from one account to another is not as bad as it seems. Below is a step-by-step visual guide on how to…

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WordPress Website Security

Website Security [Video]

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 20, 2018

This is a presentation that I did for the Houston WordPress Meetup and the topic was security and keeping your WordPress website secure.

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wordpress website automation

WordPress Automation – A Big Picture View

By Christina Hawkins / Dec 18, 2017

Automate WordPress Video WordPress Houston Meetup presentation about automating WordPress internally and externally. Internal processes as well as automating marketing and business process. WordPress Automation…

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How Do You Respond To A Bad Google Review

How Do I Delete A Google Review?

By Christina Hawkins / Jul 12, 2017

It happens, sometimes you might review the wrong business. But, all is not lost! It is possible to delete a review so you can start…

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email technology business

6 Reasons Why Your Email Should Not Be Hosted With Your Website

By Christina Hawkins / Jun 6, 2014

As a web designer, I’ve been hosting websites for my clients for about 10 years now. I like being able to provide a service to…

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Top Mobile/Web Apps

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 18, 2013

What is an app? Well, in In January 2011, the American Dialect Society named “app” the word of the year for 2010.  That action alone…

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WordPress Tutorial – Adding and Linking to a PDF

By Christina Hawkins / Jul 25, 2012

This WordPress tutorial will who you how to add a PDF document and link to it. It will also show you how you can either…

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Speeding up Websites

By Christina Hawkins / Dec 18, 2009

As many are learning, Google has announced that one of the factors that will improve your SEO performance and, naturally, your user’s experience, is by…

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