Introduction to Google Places

Introduction to Google Places

By Christina Hawkins / May 22, 2012

According to Google, 97% of people looking for local goods or services search online – but they want to find geographically close locations they can…

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How to Track QR Codes

By Christina Hawkins / Mar 11, 2012

A Quick Response code (QR code or QRC) is a type of barcode, but it is also used as a marketing tool to increase traffic…

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Are QR Codes the Future of Marketing?

By Christina Hawkins / Mar 2, 2012

There are many people in the marketing arena that believe QR codes are the future of marketing. These codes are popping up everywhere in the…

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Are you capturing the mobile market? Top 5 Ways to Go Mobile.

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 17, 2012

It’s a piece of Internet Marketing that is often overlooked. But it is a piece that is gaining ground quickly. Google says that “77% have…

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5 Best Internet Marketing Strategies to Consider for 2012

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 3, 2012

It’s that time of year to reflect on your 2012 marketing goals. Host a webinar or teleseminar. Now is the time to consider outlining those…

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Choosing the Right Facebook Page

By Christina Hawkins / May 3, 2011

A Facebook page, also known as a Fan Page, is like your social networking blog. Even if you have a website, your own blog and…

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Ready for Blogging

What You Should Know About Blogging

By Christina Hawkins / Apr 26, 2011

“Should we create a blog or a website?” Considering how blogs are heralded for pulling in traffic and sales, it is a question to consider.…

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YouTube: Is it Part of Your Social Networking Strategy?

By Christina Hawkins / Mar 9, 2011

With about 2 billion views a day, within just a few years from its inception, YouTube is a major force to be reckoned in social…

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Social Networking: Are You Everywhere But Getting Nowhere?

By Christina Hawkins / Mar 3, 2011

Yes, with all the buzz about social networking, it’s so easy to get swept off your feet and carried away by the multitude of social…

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We Support Kiva!

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 28, 2011

This video gives a quick overview of and how it works. You’ll also learn about the Happy Kiva Lending team and how to sign…

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