How Your Website Drives Your Marketing Strategy

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How Your Website Drives Your Marketing Strategy

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 20, 2014

As a small business owner, a good marketing strategy will drive your business. Most of us are not fortunate enough to have the background and…

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New Year 2014

8 Trends for Internet Marketing in 2014

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 6, 2014

What is to become of internet marketing in 2014? Whew! A lot.. That is the beauty of this industry and the bane of my existence.…

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21 Tips for LinkedIn Lead Generation

By Christina Hawkins / Apr 9, 2013

There are many tiny tweaks you can make to your LinkedIn account.  And many of these can directly affect your lead generation results. Here is…

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press release and social media

How PR Has Changed With Social Media

By Christina Hawkins / Mar 5, 2013

With the arrival of social media in recent years, the idea of public relations has drastically changed. In the past, PR firms could rely on…

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What’s The Difference: Branding, Marketing, Sales

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 6, 2013

One of the points that I am constantly educating my clients on is the difference between branding, marketing and selling. They are so closely related…

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2012 Internet Marketing Recap

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 8, 2013

Well, it is 2013 and I am excited to see what new things will happen. It’s been amazing to watch how fast the internet changes…

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Market Your Business Using Video

By Christina Hawkins / Jul 10, 2012

Over the past 5 years technology has given small businesses the opportunity to market themselves like never before! As small business owners we now have…

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How to Add Your Business to Google My Business

By Christina Hawkins / Jun 12, 2012

How to Add Your Business Your business listing may already be featured in Google Places, since they capture many listings from local directories.  What you…

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Google Places Rules

By Christina Hawkins / Jun 5, 2012

Four Iron-Clad Rules You Can’t Break There are two rules you do need to be aware of, up front.  Many businesses have had their Google…

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Google Places Facts and Benefits

By Christina Hawkins / May 29, 2012

Google Places Facts and Benefits Listing your physical location in Google Places is essential in today’s retail and business climate.  You want your business to…

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