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2015 Internet Marketing Wrap Up

2015 Internet Marketing Wrap Up

2015 Internet Marketing Wrap Up

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 4, 2016

So it’s already 2016 but, typical of my own blogging, I am late to the punch. For my own purposes, I’ve been reviewing my company’s…

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SEO Yoast WordPress Plugin Changes

2015 Yoast SEO Plugin Changes

By Christina Hawkins / Nov 29, 2015

So I’ve gotten some calls and emails lately from clients about the most recent Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin changes. It was pretty dramatic. There have…

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Google Local Map

How To Manage Your Local Places Listings

By Christina Hawkins / Sep 4, 2014

There are so many different websites that show users your address, phone, web address. Websites like Google+, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, Merchant Circle, it’s all just…

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Chart Internet Marketing Network

How Your Website Drives Your Marketing Strategy

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 20, 2014

As a small business owner, a good marketing strategy will drive your business. Most of us are not fortunate enough to have the background and…

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New Year 2014

8 Trends for Internet Marketing in 2014

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 6, 2014

What is to become of internet marketing in 2014? Whew! A lot.. That is the beauty of this industry and the bane of my existence.…

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Lean Content

Website Content and Junk Food

By Christina Hawkins / Dec 17, 2013

Junk food on your website? Okay, I am not talking about actually putting food on your keyboard or searching for the fat content of junk…

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Writing Blogs

45 Ideas to Help You Write a Blog

By Christina Hawkins / Jul 18, 2013

  Part of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort begins with being a resource for your clients. It begins with content that your company or…

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domain names

Will Multiple Domains Help My SEO?

By Christina Hawkins / May 27, 2013

Will multiple domains help my company’s search engine optimization strategy? Well, the answer to that question is… No. Well, thanks for reading! See you next…

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SEO Infographic: The Google Panda Updates

By Christina Hawkins / Mar 21, 2013

Below, is the SearchEngineLand infographic produced in conjunction with BlueGlass which covers how Panda works, what it impacted and the various updates from Panda 1.0…

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Website Design lawyer

Top 10 Features for A Law Firm’s Website

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 26, 2013

As any lawyer will tell you, a website needs to portray the dignity of the legal profession. It is important that these legal websites serve…

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