2015 Internet Marketing Wrap Up

2015 Internet Marketing Wrap Up

So it’s already 2016 but, typical of my own blogging, I am late to the punch. For my own purposes, I’ve been reviewing my company’s internet marketing strategy and processes so, as I like to record what I’ve learned for myself, I thought I’d go ahead and write them here. It’s therapeutic for myself and…

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2015 Yoast SEO Plugin Changes

SEO Yoast WordPress Plugin Changes

So I’ve gotten some calls and emails lately from clients about the most recent Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin changes. It was pretty dramatic. There have been some changes that can help even the most novice blogger improve their SEO settings. Not sure what Yoast plugin does?  In a nutshell, “the plugin automatically tests the important…

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Managing Your Local Places Listing

Google Local Map

There are so many different websites that show users your address, phone, web address. Websites like Google+, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, Merchant Circle, it’s all just a crazy mess but you have to be careful to keep track of your local listings. It’s imperative as we all just don’t know where customers will come from or…

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How Your Website Drives Your Marketing Strategy

Chart Internet Marketing Network

As a small business owner, a good marketing strategy will drive your business. Most of us are not fortunate enough to have the background and training to create and maintain a professional website and therefore we must invest the time and money. The website typically is the one tool that is underused by the majority…

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8 Trends for Internet Marketing in 2014

New Year 2014

What is to become of internet marketing in 2014? Whew! A lot.. That is the beauty of this industry and the bane of my existence. It is forever changing and growing and 2014 will be the same. Continued growth of social media but it will have an even more impact. Facebook and Twitter still reigns…

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Website Content and Junk Food

Lean Content

Junk food on your website? Okay, I am not talking about actually putting food on your keyboard or searching for the fat content of junk food. I want to discuss thin content or junk content. Basically, content that provides no value. Think of it as the junk food of the web. It’s not original, it’s…

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45 Ideas to Help You Write a Blog

Writing Blogs

  Part of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort begins with being a resource for your clients. It begins with content that your company or you provides and keeps providing on a regular basis. A blog post does not have to be big, long article full of snappy thoughts, witty banter, or hours worth of…

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Will Multiple Domains Help My SEO?

domain names

Will multiple domains help my company’s search engine optimization strategy? Well, the answer to that question is… No. Well, thanks for reading! See you next time. Okay, some of you want an explanation why I say no to this. Contrary to a popular but outdated idea to buy several domains with your key phrases and…

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Top 10 Features for A Law Firm’s Website

Website Design lawyer

As any lawyer will tell you, a website needs to portray the dignity of the legal profession. It is important that these legal websites serve two fundamental purposes; make it easy to find the law firm and make a good impression. To do these things well there are other ground rules that you and your…

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