9 Local SEO Tips for Construction & Remodeling Businesses

SEO Tips for Construction & Remodeling Companies

9 Local SEO Tips for Construction & Remodeling Businesses

By Christina Hawkins / May 30, 2020

How can you improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings for your construction company? These are 9 SEO tactics or tips that can help your…

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15 Marketing Strategies for 2020

15 Marketing Strategies You’ll Need for 2020

By Christina Hawkins / Dec 28, 2019

This year I attended several digital marketing conferences. Three of the more exciting conferences were the State of Search in Dallas, WordCamp St. Louis, Mavericks in…

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featured image - google 3 pack

How Do I Improve My Local SEO With Google’s 3-Pack [5 Steps]

By Christina Hawkins / May 7, 2019

Google is constantly evolving the search experience, especially local SEO. Because local SEO is ever-changing, businesses must do everything they can to adapt or else,…

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How Write Website Content

How To Write Great B2B Website Content [List]

By Christina Hawkins / Apr 9, 2019

Writing content for a B2B website is about much more than playing to SEO and search rankings. While those things are essential to achieving exposure…

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Word Count for Web Content

How Many Words Do You Need For A Web Page?

By Christina Hawkins / Mar 5, 2019

 Many business owners, bloggers, and marketing specialists grapple with the question of word count. What is the ideal length for an article to rank…

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Blog Post Ideas

96 Topic Ideas for Your Next Blog Post – Updated for 2020

By Christina Hawkins / May 4, 2018

** Updated May 24, 2020** You’re likely sick of hearing about the importance of having great blog post content. But you know you need it…

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what is digital marketing image

What Is Digital Marketing?

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 6, 2018

So, in all transparency, honesty, and so on and so on, this blog topic, “What Is Digital Marketing,” came about because I did some research…

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What is a Hashtag Campaign?

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 15, 2017

These days, hashtags are virtually universal. From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook and seemingly everywhere in-between, hashtags are now used widely to collect information about…

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What Is an Online Conversion?

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 17, 2017

“Optimize your website to increase your online conversions” – have you been hearing this same, old sentence for some time now? If yes, then you’re…

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The 6 Human Needs & SEO

The 6 Human Needs That Affect SEO

By Christina Hawkins / Apr 30, 2016

[I give examples of search results and how each entry uses a human need to entice a click] As sit at my desk, every day,…

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