The Pay Gap and How the Technology Sector is a Leader

Web Designers in Houston

The Pay Gap and How the Technology Sector is a Leader

By Christina Hawkins / Jul 4, 2017

There is NO wage gap, women have the same access to healthcare as men, women also have as much of a chance at success in…

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Expectations Web Design

The Art of Managing Expectations

By Christina Hawkins / Jul 19, 2016

Expectations: we all have them. Whether we’re anticipating a favorite food to taste a certain way, pulling for that promotion at work, or hoping to…

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Boss Life Book Review - Small Business

A Boss’ Life – Surviving A Small Business

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 1, 2016

[Book Review of ‘Boss Life, Surviving My Own Small Business’] So I am a big fan of business and marketing books. I read one or…

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Net Neutrality Video

Net-Neutrality Won!

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 26, 2015

Not sure what Net-Neutrality is? John Oliver explains it very well. After a call to action to the public, the public won and the FCC…

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Lessons Learned 2014

2014 Lessons Learned

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 6, 2015

I have been doing internet marketing for 15 years and have learned so much about owning and running a business. Lot of failures and successes.…

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zapier automation

How I use Zapier

By Christina Hawkins / Oct 12, 2014

I am a big proponent of any tool or piece of technology that helps me run my business a little smoother. Even better if it…

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Outlook Email – Leaving a Copy on the Server

By Christina Hawkins / Oct 2, 2014

This how-to are for those using POP3 accounts on their computers. If you find that your emails are not working, one setting you might check…

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email technology business

6 Reasons Why Your Email Should Not Be Hosted With Your Website

By Christina Hawkins / Jun 6, 2014

As a web designer, I’ve been hosting websites for my clients for about 10 years now. I like being able to provide a service to…

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Top Mobile/Web Apps

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 18, 2013

What is an app? Well, in In January 2011, the American Dialect Society named “app” the word of the year for 2010.  That action alone…

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The First Rule of Doing Work That Matters

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 3, 2011

The first rule of doing work that matters From Seth Godwin’s blog: Go to work on a regular basis. Art is hard. Selling is…

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