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Sales and Branding Worksheet

startup sales worksheet

Sales and Branding Worksheet

By Christina Hawkins / Nov 1, 2017

So many of our customers are not sure what to say on the homepage. The homepage is not the place for your mission statement or…

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What is a Hashtag Campaign?

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 15, 2017

These days, hashtags are virtually universal. From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook and seemingly everywhere in-between, hashtags are now used widely to collect information about…

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laptop google

Why Your Website Is Your Bottom Line

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 21, 2017

Think that your website is just that.. a website. I want to show you just how important your website is for your business, we have rounded up why your website should be treated as an investment and not a cost:

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What Is an Online Conversion?

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 17, 2017

“Optimize your website to increase your online conversions” – have you been hearing this same, old sentence for some time now? If yes, then you’re…

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Video Tools That I Use

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 9, 2017

I was preparing a presentation for the local Chamber and thought I’d share the tools that I use for my videos: (Full disclosure. Yes, these…

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back to school marketing

Rock Your Back To School Marketing

By Christina Hawkins / Aug 15, 2016

Courtesy of: The Shelf

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Houston Website Design

New Website? Now What?

By Christina Hawkins / Jun 27, 2016

Congratulations, Your Website Is Complete. Now What? Finally, you have done it! All those weeks of research to find the right web design company; weeks…

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When Should You Redesign Website?

How Often Should We Redesign Our Website?

By Christina Hawkins / May 23, 2016

No! Say it ain’t so! I recently had a meeting today with a transportation company. Their website was about 4 years old. It looked okay…

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Future of Marketing 2016

Digital Darwinism – Live or Die By Marketing Innovation

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 15, 2016

It’s a scary thought. We need to keep up with social trends and marketing changes or die. We, as business owners need to get in…

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Ready for Blogging

How Do You Know You Are Ready to Start Blogging?

By Christina Hawkins / Mar 26, 2015

I get a lot of push-back from clients who really dread writing blogs. I don’t blame them. I know the idea of it is scary,…

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