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8 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated in 2019

7 Outdated Web Design Trends blog

As with anything, in the past year, web design trends have already changed. As we all keep updating our mobile devices with new technology, so does our idea of what constitutes good aesthetics and user interface. As the technology keeps expanding, so does a website’s need to keep improving. See my blog post about when…

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Standard Logo Dimensions [List]

**Updated 6/25/2019** ! Special – 100 Stock Photos from Deposit Photos on AppSumo – Only $50! (Ad) It’s been over 20 years since I designed my first logo. It’s crazy how every time I create a new profile on a social media platform or control panel or gravatar that I need to go back and…

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Top 10 Features for A Law Firm’s Website

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As any lawyer will tell you, a website needs to portray the dignity of the legal profession. It is important that these legal websites serve two fundamental purposes; make it easy to find the law firm and make a good impression. To do these things well there are other ground rules that you and your…

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