6 Top Credit Card Merchants [List]

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6 Top Credit Card Merchants [List]

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 15, 2019

*Updated 1/4/2019* I am often asked how a company can get paid through their website. Many have heard and use PayPal, which is a quick…

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Woocommerce: Attributes - Product Spreadsheet

WooCommerce – Adding Product Attributes to WooCommerce

By Christina Hawkins / Sep 9, 2017

In this video, we are adding attributes to a product using the Dashboard. We’ll review what the difference is between an attribute and a variation…

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Woocommerce: Attributes Dashboard

Woocommerce – Product Spreadsheet with Attributes

By Christina Hawkins / Sep 8, 2017

When importing a large number of products, we use a spreadsheet to create and manage each product and their respective metadata. If products have variations,…

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woocommerce ecommerce websites

WooCommerce Customization Videos

By Christina Hawkins / Feb 18, 2017

These videos are more for me but I thought others might like this list of videos.  

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back to school marketing

Rock Your Back To School Marketing

By Christina Hawkins / Aug 15, 2016

Courtesy of: The Shelf

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2012 Internet Marketing Recap

By Christina Hawkins / Jan 8, 2013

Well, it is 2013 and I am excited to see what new things will happen. It’s been amazing to watch how fast the internet changes…

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