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What Is The Difference Between WordPress Care Plans and Website Maintenance? [Video] Hey, everybody. It’s Christina Hawkins. I am the owner and founder of GlobalSpex Internet …2019/09/092019-09-09 12:09:00
My Top 10 Favorite WordPress Plugins in 2019I was going through my old blog posts and making some corrections. Some posts I …2019/07/302019-07-30 00:22:25
How Do I Respond To An Online Review [A Guide]Oh No! It happened. You got a bad review and it’s not a 4 or …2019/07/182019-07-18 17:18:06
The Fort Bend Chamber Of Commerce Wins 1st Place For Best Website In TexasSUGAR LAND, TX. July 10, 2019. GlobalSpex, a Houston-based Internet marketing and web design company, …2019/07/102019-07-10 18:50:52
The Top 8 Competitor Research Resource List And ToolsAs the owner or operator of a growing business, you are responsible for keeping a …2019/06/242019-06-24 15:36:12
How Do I Improve My Local SEO With Google’s 3-Pack [5 Steps]Google is constantly evolving the search experience, especially local SEO. Because local SEO is ever-changing, …2019/05/072019-05-07 09:05:49
How To Write Great B2B Website Content [List]Writing content for a B2B website is about much more than playing to SEO and …2019/04/092019-04-09 10:45:34
8 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated in 2019As with anything, in the past year, web design trends have already changed. As we …2019/04/012019-04-01 13:32:51
How Many Words Do You Need For A Web Page? Many business owners, bloggers, and marketing specialists grapple with the question of word count. …2019/03/052019-03-05 11:00:42
8 Killer Website Conversions That Contractors Can Use Today! [Examples]Optimizing your website for Google (SEO) is a critical part of your overall success. But, …2019/01/282019-01-28 22:22:03
6 Top Credit Card Merchants [List]*Updated 1/4/2019* I am often asked how a company can get paid through their website. …2019/01/152019-01-15 08:23:23
9 Attributes for Customer Centric B2B Website Design [Examples]In this post you’ll learn what makes a good website that puts the customer first. …2019/01/082019-01-08 11:00:09
WordPress Maintenance News – Care PlansI am trying to keep consistent when keeping you all informed as to the status …2018/12/032018-12-03 11:30:49
28 B2B Website Design Terms You Should Know [Infographic][Infographic] Oh yes! I am guilty of it. If you’ve been in a single industry …2018/10/302018-10-30 07:45:44
Protecting Your Website From HackersWebsite Protection In the last couple of weeks our servers were hit pretty hard with …2018/10/072018-10-07 10:22:23
3 Quick Fixes For Your B2B Website You Can Accomplish This WeekFor any B2B website, it’s a bit daunting when you think about all of the …2018/07/172018-07-17 11:08:51
How To Transfer Google Analytics OwnersTransferring Google Analytics property from one account to another is not as bad as it …2018/06/052018-06-05 16:16:29
GOFSCO ProposalDownload Your GlobalSpex Proposal2018/05/162018-05-16 22:39:32
Don’t Bury Your Head in the SandHow Digital Marketing Holds the Key to Success for Healthcare Practices As a healthcare provider, …2018/05/162018-05-16 09:15:11
85 Topic Ideas for Your Next Blog Post** Updated October 15, 2018** You’re likely sick of hearing about the importance of having …2018/05/042018-05-04 09:40:29
Sponsoring Houston WordPress Meetup GroupWe are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the Houston WordPress Meetup, a regular gathering …2018/04/152018-04-15 15:24:52
Why Digital Marketing Matters For Your CompanyIn my last post I addressed the overall definition of digital marketing and some of …2018/02/272018-02-27 13:13:43
Website Security [Video] WordPress Website Security My list originally came from Code In WP Transcript This is a …2018/02/202018-02-20 15:29:02
What Is Digital Marketing?So, in all transparency, honesty, and so on and so on, this blog topic, “What …2018/02/062018-02-06 11:00:35
Website ScrollingSurprisingly, I am getting pushback lately on designing websites that scroll. I thought that myth …2018/01/232018-01-23 10:19:37
WordPress Automation – A Big Picture View  Automate WordPress Video WordPress Houston Meetup presentation about automating WordPress internally and externally. Internal …2017/12/182017-12-18 13:51:33
8 Key Elements for Your Services Website Pages**Updated Oct 24, 2018 Your B2B service website pages is the meat of your website. …2017/11/082017-11-08 23:28:52
5 Tips For Your Contact Us Page [List]Your Contact Us page does not need to be boring with only your phone and …2017/11/062017-11-06 22:34:58
Your About Us Page ContentOkay, so let’s move on and talk about your website’s About Us page. To many, …2017/11/042017-11-04 14:01:19
Your Homepage ContentSo many of our customers are not sure what to say on the homepage. Many …2017/11/022017-11-02 10:08:56
Sales and Branding WorksheetSo many of our customers are not sure what to say on the homepage. The …2017/11/012017-11-01 22:25:06
The Houston Small Business Expo!We invite you to visit our booth at the upcoming Small Business Expo! Booth #213! …2017/09/292017-09-29 08:02:33
Making Sure Your Social Media Posts Shows The Right ImageEver wonder why the wrong photo shows up on your social media feeds when you …2017/09/152017-09-15 23:07:47
Hurricane Business Recovery … Not PreparationSo when I started this blog post my ideas was to list and describe all …2017/09/122017-09-12 13:53:22
WooCommerce – Adding Product Attributes to WooCommerceIn this video, we are adding attributes to a product using the Dashboard. We’ll review …2017/09/092017-09-09 12:28:30
Woocommerce – Product Spreadsheet with AttributesWhen importing a large number of products, we use a spreadsheet to create and manage …2017/09/082017-09-08 12:24:46
What should I put on my homepage?With the change in how we access websites, I often wonder if there really is …2017/08/282017-08-28 09:15:20
WordPress Pages Versus Page TemplatesI get a lot of questions about how many pages we will design. Sometimes we …2017/07/152017-07-15 10:42:48
How Do I Delete A Google Review?It happens, sometimes you might review the wrong business. But, all is not lost! It …2017/07/122017-07-12 17:14:05
The Pay Gap and How the Technology Sector is a LeaderThere is NO wage gap, women have the same access to healthcare as men, women …2017/07/042017-07-04 13:30:41
Urban Houston – Unstock PhotosHouston Texas Photo Session Can you use these photos for your non-profit or commercial use? …2017/05/072017-05-07 22:53:40
Looking For A Bigger Blog Audience?A client recently asked how they could get more readers to their blog post. Their …2017/03/272017-03-27 11:00:16
WooCommerce Customization VideosThese videos are more for me but I thought others might like this list of …2017/02/182017-02-18 17:43:48
What is a Hashtag Campaign?These days, hashtags are virtually universal. From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook and seemingly everywhere …2017/02/152017-02-15 10:09:18
Why Your Website Is Your Bottom LineYour website makes a significant impact on your business. Unfortunately, most of the time, we …2017/01/212017-01-21 11:53:05
What Is an Online Conversion?“Optimize your website to increase your online conversions” – have you been hearing this same, …2017/01/172017-01-17 10:47:58
Posts You Can Write Now!As small business owners, we’ve all been the victims of writer’s block. Whether it’s the …2017/01/122017-01-12 08:04:01
Video Tools That I UseI was preparing a presentation for the local Chamber and thought I’d share the tools …2017/01/092017-01-09 14:18:11
Top 11 Reasons Why Your Website Repels Your CustomersEver wondered why your website isn’t making you money? Most web owners have a set …2016/12/152016-12-15 09:23:27
Managing WordPress Security [Infographic]I created an infographic that describes the challenges and prevention that each website owner should …2016/09/232016-09-23 10:17:22
Top 5 Website Performance Frustrations Every Business Must AvoidWhen it comes to website performance, your customers will have expectations, regardless of what device …2016/09/062016-09-06 11:08:47
Rock Your Back To School MarketingCourtesy of: The Shelf2016/08/152016-08-15 14:45:02
The Art of Managing ExpectationsExpectations: we all have them. Whether we’re anticipating a favorite food to taste a certain …2016/07/192016-07-19 21:37:09
New Website? Now What?Congratulations, Your Website Is Complete. Now What? Finally, you have done it! All those weeks …2016/06/272016-06-27 16:24:40
How Often Should We Redesign Our Website?No! Say it ain’t so! I recently had a meeting today with a transportation company. …2016/05/232016-05-23 11:50:16
The 6 Human Needs That Affect SEO[I give examples of search results and how each entry uses a human need to …2016/04/302016-04-30 17:30:23
Why Do I Need WordPress Website Maintenance?It’s Not Maintenance. It’s Care, Management, and Support. It’s Peace of Mind. Your website is …2016/03/272016-03-27 19:03:56
Top 7 Ways Your Oil & Gas Website is Not Working For YouIt’s not a surprise after meeting with an oil and gas executive or engineer, that …2016/03/142016-03-14 18:19:12
5 SEO Tips You Didn’t Know Could Rock Your WorldYou know that having a website is key to any business. This is your virtual …2016/02/292016-02-29 13:58:08
GlobalSpex Marketing Helps Park Comm Improve WebsiteSugarland, TX – While many people like to go camping to get away from it …2016/02/242016-02-24 03:07:47
Digital Darwinism – Live or Die By Marketing InnovationIt’s a scary thought. We need to keep up with social trends and marketing changes …2016/02/152016-02-15 15:11:36
A Boss’ Life – Surviving A Small Business[Book Review of ‘Boss Life, Surviving My Own Small Business’] So I am a big …2016/02/012016-02-01 10:15:21
Backyard Playground – Unstock PhotosPhoto session at the backyard playground Can you use these photos for your non-profit or …2016/01/162016-01-16 21:59:49
The Library – Unstock PhotosPhoto session at the library Can you use these photos for your non-profit or commercial …2016/01/092016-01-09 20:28:43
2015 Internet Marketing Wrap UpSo it’s already 2016 but, typical of my own blogging, I am late to the …2016/01/042016-01-04 18:13:58
My Top 3 Blog Posts in 2015Wow! 2015 was a busy year. I had promised myself that I’d blog every week …2016/01/012016-01-01 10:11:27
Four Ways to Improve Your Landing PageLike any sales or financial report, your website analytics is another tool that every business …2015/12/302015-12-30 23:18:37
Standard Logo Dimensions [List]**Updated 6/25/2019** ! Special – 100 Stock Photos from Deposit Photos on AppSumo – Only …2015/12/132015-12-13 12:49:41
2015 Yoast SEO Plugin ChangesSo I’ve gotten some calls and emails lately from clients about the most recent Yoast’s …2015/11/292015-11-29 12:29:38
Top 10 Free UnStock Photo Sites [List]<Updated 4/5/2019> I’ve been using for about 2 years after using for a …2015/10/052015-10-05 01:07:53
How Do You Know You Are Ready to Start Blogging?I get a lot of push-back from clients who really dread writing blogs. I don’t …2015/03/262015-03-26 21:41:05
10 Web Design MythsI hate to be a cliché. Myths? It’s been overdone, right? There are probably tons …2015/03/172015-03-17 01:59:26
Business Card – Transportation2015/03/162015-03-16 17:31:02
Business Card Design for Contractor2015/03/162015-03-16 17:15:49
PR – New Real Estate WebsiteAn Expert in Real Estate Transactions, Top-Selling Houston and Sugar Land Real Estate Broker Turns …2015/02/262015-02-26 21:13:08
Net-Neutrality Won!Not sure what Net-Neutrality is? John Oliver explains it very well. After a call to …2015/02/262015-02-26 21:05:16
Pool Website Design2015/02/202015-02-20 21:22:41
5 Web Design Elements That Will Keep Your Users HappyWhile building a website, we often find some of our client’s focus on their ‘quality’ …2015/02/032015-02-03 15:30:26
8 Types of Photos You Should Include In Your Website[Updated November 8, 2018)] Web design and basically social media have become such a visual …2015/01/272015-01-27 23:51:19
Swift Equipment Logo2015/01/272015-01-27 04:34:08
Road and Safety Logo2015/01/272015-01-27 04:32:04
OnBoarding Emails and the 7 Types of Emails Your Clients Need From You.Do you find yourself wondering where to start after a new client says yes to …2015/01/202015-01-20 15:00:41
Rory Sutherland’s TED Talk – Life Lessons From an Ad ManMr. Sutherland talks about the concept of perception. He goes into some great stories about …2015/01/202015-01-20 14:10:31
6 Website Features to Trash From Your HomepageOver the many years that websites have been up and running, the notion of what …2015/01/132015-01-13 11:10:33
2014 Lessons LearnedI have been doing internet marketing for 15 years and have learned so much about …2015/01/062015-01-06 02:22:00
OilStone Energy2015/01/042015-01-04 03:05:43
Wortham Villages Community2015/01/042015-01-04 02:52:07
Thoroughbred Technologies2015/01/042015-01-04 02:50:16
Seth Godin: Keep Making a RuckusBestselling author, Seth Godin talks about stagnation in your craft and taking risks.2014/11/182014-11-18 16:01:19
How I use ZapierI am a big proponent of any tool or piece of technology that helps me …2014/10/122014-10-12 01:38:44
ClientQuote-InternetMarketingLove it when clients say, “Christina.. can you back off on the online marketing a …2014/10/032014-10-03 22:03:37
Why You Need a Gravatar If You Want to Be Recognized OnlineThe word “gravatar” may sound a bit foreign to some, but the truth is that …2014/10/022014-10-02 15:20:17
Outlook Email – Leaving a Copy on the ServerThis how-to are for those using POP3 accounts on their computers. If you find that …2014/10/022014-10-02 01:45:35
Get Action  Theodore Roosevelt had the right idea. As a child he would have been put …2014/09/162014-09-16 23:21:12
9 Website Design Myths That Have Nothing To Do With Web DesignTranscript: The problem is there are no simple “right” answers for most Web design questions …2014/09/062014-09-06 17:40:18
How To Manage Your Local Places ListingsThere are so many different websites that show users your address, phone, web address. Websites …2014/09/042014-09-04 01:29:30
A Time And Place2014/08/212014-08-21 03:09:37
PlantFit2014/08/212014-08-21 03:05:40
Billboard2014/08/212014-08-21 02:59:35
IT Brochure2014/08/212014-08-21 02:55:07
Printed Folder Design2014/08/212014-08-21 02:53:55
Entelrgy2014/08/212014-08-21 02:24:53
How to Craft Your Company’s Storytelling VoiceYou know your company’s story, but what’s the right voice to use in telling it? …2014/08/122014-08-12 01:47:14
Opus-x Logo2014/07/222014-07-22 21:51:22
Saint Basil Coffee2014/07/222014-07-22 21:46:50
Book Design2014/07/222014-07-22 21:40:19
Say No to Cheap Hosting!**Updated 3/15/2018 Okay, I have to say this and remind all web owners again, cheap …2014/06/232014-06-23 04:10:20
6 Reasons Why Your Email Should Not Be Hosted With Your WebsiteAs a web designer, I’ve been hosting websites for my clients for about 10 years …2014/06/062014-06-06 09:15:09
What I Learned at WordCampSo recently, I attended a great WordCamp in Austin. For those not familiar with WordCamps, …2014/05/272014-05-27 02:56:34
Understanding B2B Buyer BehaviorB2B buyer activity and research peaks at different times of the year, week, and day. …2014/03/232014-03-23 23:24:17
Is Your Website Chasing Away Mobile Users?Is now the time to make your website mobile responsive? The answer to that question …2014/03/152014-03-15 21:45:20
Logo – Business Consultant2014/02/092014-02-09 19:32:19
How Your Website Drives Your Marketing StrategyAs a small business owner, a good marketing strategy will drive your business. Most of …2014/01/202014-01-20 20:18:24
Center for Women’s Health2014/01/182014-01-18 05:24:50
L. Pearson Interior Design2014/01/182014-01-18 05:23:10
Maddox Landscaping2014/01/082014-01-08 03:51:58
8 Trends for Internet Marketing in 2014What is to become of internet marketing in 2014? Whew! A lot.. That is the …2014/01/062014-01-06 10:33:53
Logo – CirruxNet2013/12/222013-12-22 05:19:46
Business Card – CirruxNet2013/12/222013-12-22 04:52:28
Website Content and Junk FoodJunk food on your website? Okay, I am not talking about actually putting food on …2013/12/172013-12-17 08:35:01
Maddox Custom Pools2013/12/082013-12-08 03:53:42
WordPress Custom Web Design | Joe Serio2013/12/012013-12-01 21:33:17
Seal Southwest2013/12/012013-12-01 04:03:51
Intervale Consulting2013/11/082013-11-08 04:19:32
Kenwood & Associates2013/11/082013-11-08 03:22:58
WordPress Custom Website Design – GSMMA2013/09/202013-09-20 21:03:22
Logo Design – Knile Center2013/09/202013-09-20 20:56:14
Logo Design – Metro Medical2013/09/202013-09-20 20:49:50
Lawyer Website Design2013/09/202013-09-20 20:44:35
Small Business Website – Engineering2013/09/202013-09-20 20:38:45
Website Design – Engineering2013/09/202013-09-20 20:36:19
Lawyer Website Design – Schum Law Office2013/09/202013-09-20 20:14:29
Small Business Website Design – Seed Wholesaler2013/09/202013-09-20 20:08:12
Small Business Website Yellow Rose Reception Hall2013/09/202013-09-20 20:04:57
Small Business Website – Traffic Engineering2013/09/202013-09-20 19:45:07
Small Business Website – Engineering2013/09/202013-09-20 19:43:53
Ecommerce Website Design Boot Store2013/09/202013-09-20 19:31:57
Medical Website Design – MetroMed Supplies2013/09/202013-09-20 19:30:17
Medical Website Design – Women’s Health2013/09/202013-09-20 19:27:32
Medical Website Design2013/09/202013-09-20 19:17:28
Medical Website Design – Vein Specialist2013/09/202013-09-20 19:05:43
Small Business Website – Pool Contractors2013/09/202013-09-20 19:02:02
Custom Website Design – Small Business2013/09/202013-09-20 18:46:20
Custom Website Design – Small Business2013/09/202013-09-20 18:30:47
Logo Design – Information Technology2013/09/202013-09-20 15:09:23
Logo Design – Oil and Gas   2013/09/202013-09-20 15:08:33
Logo Design2013/09/202013-09-20 14:24:35
Logo Design2013/09/202013-09-20 14:23:53
Logo Design – Oil and Gas2013/09/202013-09-20 14:22:52
Logo Design – Service2013/09/202013-09-20 14:21:41
Business Card Design – Appliance Repair2013/09/202013-09-20 14:08:19
Business Card Design – Fitness2013/09/202013-09-20 14:06:09
Business Card Design2013/09/142013-09-14 14:55:31
Business Card Design2013/09/142013-09-14 14:54:47
Business Card2013/09/142013-09-14 14:53:41
Katy Urgent Care2013/09/142013-09-14 13:40:23
Junker Law2013/09/142013-09-14 03:49:49
Business Card2013/09/142013-09-14 03:26:58
Upgrading to WordPress 3.6?WordPress has come out with a new upgrade they are calling ‘Oscar.’ As this is …2013/08/282013-08-28 13:21:48
Are You Their Solution? Top 5 Ways to Capture Your CustomersWhen having that initial talk with a new client, whether they just opened their business …2013/08/082013-08-08 06:57:49
45 Ideas to Help You Write a Blog  Part of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort begins with being a resource for …2013/07/182013-07-18 15:46:38
Template vs. Custom Design on WordPress ThemesAs a die-hard WordPress fan, I build websites using both premium themes and custom themes …2013/06/162013-06-16 21:05:12
Will Multiple Domains Help My SEO?Will multiple domains help my company’s search engine optimization strategy? Well, the answer to that …2013/05/272013-05-27 15:00:47
Five Proven Strategies for LinkedIn Lead GenerationOkay, so these past few weeks we’ve dealt with the LinkedIn basics (your profile, connecting …2013/05/132013-05-13 14:02:36
LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies – Part VI – Keep On Top of the Latest ChangesOne potential impediment to lead generation is LinkedIn itself, right now.  The network is in …2013/05/082013-05-08 09:10:44
LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies – Part V – Track Your LinkedIn ResultsNaturally it’s important to track the results of your lead generation efforts.  Some results will …2013/05/022013-05-02 11:00:18
LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies – Part IV – Adding People to your NetworkNow that you’ve spent time on your personal profile, now think about making connections with …2013/04/252013-04-25 09:15:52
LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies – Part III – Setting Your StrategyOnce you’ve set up your Profile and positioned yourself and your business in the best …2013/04/182013-04-18 08:11:47
21 Tips for LinkedIn Lead GenerationThere are many tiny tweaks you can make to your LinkedIn account.  And many of …2013/04/092013-04-09 07:00:07
SEO Infographic: The Google Panda UpdatesBelow, is the SearchEngineLand infographic produced in conjunction with BlueGlass which covers how Panda works, …2013/03/212013-03-21 08:03:38
LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies – Part II – Tweaking Your ProfilePay attention to your keywords.  If chosen properly, these will bring you to the attention …2013/03/192013-03-19 20:50:22
LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies – Part IIf you are looking for 21 Lead Generation Tips, please visit this page: There …2013/03/122013-03-12 20:36:32
How PR Has Changed With Social MediaWith the arrival of social media in recent years, the idea of public relations has …2013/03/052013-03-05 23:11:41
Top 10 Features for A Law Firm’s WebsiteAs any lawyer will tell you, a website needs to portray the dignity of the …2013/02/262013-02-26 16:59:31
What’s The Difference: Branding, Marketing, SalesOne of the points that I am constantly educating my clients on is the difference …2013/02/062013-02-06 08:00:23
WordPress Comment SpamHow to Differentiate Spam Comments from Real Comments in WordPress From websites and blogs to …2013/01/282013-01-28 15:00:45
Top Mobile/Web AppsWhat is an app? Well, in In January 2011, the American Dialect Society named “app” …2013/01/182013-01-18 05:57:11
GlobalSpex Among Fastest Growing Woman Owned Businesses in HoustonGlobalSpex Among Fastest Growing Woman Owned Businesses in Houston Houston, TX– January 28, 2013 – …2013/01/132013-01-13 18:02:19
2012 Internet Marketing RecapWell, it is 2013 and I am excited to see what new things will happen. …2013/01/082013-01-08 09:10:27
What is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?Some of my clients have asked me the difference between web designing and web development. …2012/12/182012-12-18 11:00:42
RSS Feeds & How to Incorporate Them into Your WebsiteIf you own a website you are likely looking for any advantage over your competition. …2012/12/042012-12-04 13:00:56
Easy Strategies to Make Your Website AccessibleYou want every single website visitor to have a positive experience on your website. In …2012/11/202012-11-20 11:00:11
Matt Cutts on Google’s Updated SEO Copywriting StrategyI’ve been suspicious for years now. Just from paying attention to the sites that come …2012/11/152012-11-15 09:16:59
Moving an HTML Site to WordPress After Loss of Website TrafficOur guest blogger, Jill Whalen, answered a client’s question about WordPress SEO. ___________________ Dear Jill, …2012/09/252012-09-25 14:54:32
10 Steps for a Bad Online Review A bad online review can have serious repercussions to the business owner. Whether you provide …2012/08/272012-08-27 10:57:33
WordPress Tutorial – Adding and Linking to a PDFThis WordPress tutorial will who you how to add a PDF document and link to …2012/07/252012-07-25 14:40:40
Market Your Business Using VideoOver the past 5 years technology has given small businesses the opportunity to market themselves …2012/07/102012-07-10 10:30:05
How to Add Your Business to Google LocalHow to Add Your Business Your business listing may already be featured in Google Places, …2012/06/122012-06-12 11:30:17
Google Places RulesFour Iron-Clad Rules You Can’t Break There are two rules you do need to be …2012/06/052012-06-05 11:00:01
Google Places Facts and BenefitsGoogle Places Facts and Benefits Listing your physical location in Google Places is essential in …2012/05/292012-05-29 11:00:32
Introduction to Google PlacesAccording to Google, 97% of people looking for local goods or services search online – …2012/05/222012-05-22 11:00:53
The Difference Between White-Hat and Black-Hat SEOIn the world of Search Engine Optimization, SEO, there are a number of techniques that …2012/05/012012-05-01 11:00:11
4 Google Search Changes That Affect Your BusinessNothing is permanent and Google is no exception. Recently it made some changes to its …2012/04/172012-04-17 11:24:42
Create a Website that converts Visitors to SubscribersPeople still pay more attention to emails (as long as they’re not considered spam) than …2012/03/262012-03-26 10:30:27
How to Track QR CodesA Quick Response code (QR code or QRC) is a type of barcode, but it …2012/03/112012-03-11 10:38:41
10 Real Life QR Code Examples for MarketingIn a past blog post, I explained the idea of QR Codes. Below are 10 …2012/03/062012-03-06 08:00:47
Are QR Codes the Future of Marketing?Are QR Codes the Future of Marketing? There are many people in the marketing arena …2012/03/022012-03-02 11:28:59
Can Blogging Increase Attorney Credibility?As blogging continues to soar in global popularity, a number of businesses are utilizing this …2012/02/172012-02-17 15:00:32
Why Physicians Should Blog  Blogging is an effective way to market all your products and services. It also …2012/02/172012-02-17 14:00:58
The Importance of Referrer LogsReferrer logging is used to allow web servers and websites to identify where people are …2012/02/092012-02-09 13:10:05
Are you capturing the mobile market? Top 5 Ways to Go Mobile.It’s a piece of Internet Marketing that is often overlooked. But it is a piece …2012/01/172012-01-17 13:29:50
5 Best Internet Marketing Strategies to Consider for 2012It’s that time of year to reflect on your 2012 marketing goals. Host a webinar …2012/01/032012-01-03 12:37:53
Why Do I Get Comment Spam On My WordPress Website?You got hit with a bunch of comment spam? Well, you are not the first …2011/12/272011-12-27 11:15:14
What Do You Do With WordPress Comment Spam?If your website is built on a WordPress platform, you might be worried about all …2011/12/202011-12-20 11:15:22
New Year, New Website? Is It Time to Redesign?It’s that time of year, and no; I’m not talking about the holidays. I am …2011/12/062011-12-06 11:45:24
Have you reviewed your website’s Meta Description tag?The Meta Description Tag The keywords and phrases you use in your Meta description tag …2011/11/292011-11-29 10:47:22
Fast Growing Woman-Owned Sugar Land Business RecognizedIMMEDIATE RELEASE One of the Top 25 Fastest-Growing Woman-Owned Businesses in Houston is internet marketing …2011/11/012011-11-01 10:59:26
What Is Your Website Conversion? [Examples]What do your website visitors do when they come to your website? What happens when, …2011/10/182011-10-18 16:30:10
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