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Top 3 Blog Posts in 2015

My Top 3 Blog Posts in 2015

By Christina Hawkins | Jan 1, 2016

Wow! 2015 was a busy year. I had promised myself that I’d blog every week or at least post a blog every week. Don’t ask if this happened. Just like all of you… life happened. I had a big move, well big in the sense that our house is bigger but we were only a…

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landing page design

Four Ways to Improve Your Landing Page

By Christina Hawkins | Dec 30, 2015

Like any sales or financial report, your website analytics is another tool that every business owner should consider. One of the reports that you should be looking at, outside basic stats like sessions, bounce rate, and key phrases used to find your website, is the report that helps you determine your best performing landing pages.…

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logo sizes and versions every business owner need

Standard Logo Dimensions

By Christina Hawkins | Dec 13, 2015

**Updated 5/3/2017** It’s been over 15 years since I designed my first logo. It’s crazy how every time I create a new profile on a social media platform or control panel that I need to go back and create a special logo file that fits the website’s specific dimensions. So I created a list of…

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SEO Yoast WordPress Plugin Changes

2015 Yoast SEO Plugin Changes

By Christina Hawkins | Nov 29, 2015

So I’ve gotten some calls and emails lately from clients about the most recent Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin changes. It was pretty dramatic. There have been some changes that can help even the most novice blogger improve their SEO settings. Not sure what Yoast plugin does?  In a nutshell, “the plugin automatically tests the important…

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un stock photos for blogging

Top 10 Free UnStock Photo Sites

By Christina Hawkins | Oct 5, 2015

<Updated 5/1/2017> <Updated 2/4/2016> So I’ve been using for a very long time. I do like it and I use it regularly. But, there are those times when these stock photos tend to look dated or too corporate. So, then I like to head to some of the newer photo websites that seem to…

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Ready for Blogging

How Do You Know You Ready to Start Blogging?

By Christina Hawkins | Mar 26, 2015

I get a lot of push-back from clients who really dread writing blogs. I don’t blame them. I know the idea of it is scary, time consuming, and, like me, wonder what they’ll write about. Let alone the idea that what they’ll write will be well received. But try to get past those fears as…

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10 Web Design Myths

10 Web Design Myths

By Christina Hawkins | Mar 17, 2015

I hate to be a cliché. Myths? It’s been overdone, right? There are probably tons more web design myths from the 10 I have here. In fact, I did a blog post similar to this topic last year. This list comes from conversations I’ve been having over the past few months. The more stuff on the…

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PR – New Real Estate Website

By Christina Hawkins | Feb 26, 2015

An Expert in Real Estate Transactions, Top-Selling Houston and Sugar Land Real Estate Broker Turns to Houston Web Design Company, GlobalSpex, to Acquire Discerning Clients Rodney Lerner, thirty-year local real estate veteran, partners with Globalspex Internet Marketing, to expand offerings online. (Sugar Land, TX) — What makes a community strong? Ask Houston and Sugar Land…

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Net Neutrality Video

Net-Neutrality Won!

By Christina Hawkins | Feb 26, 2015

Not sure what Net-Neutrality is? John Oliver explains it very well. After a call to action to the public, the public won and the FCC will keep Title II rules.

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