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Increase Efficiency & Security With A Company Google Account

creating a google corporate account

In this post, I want to discuss the importance of creating a company Google account to manage your various online platforms.   Your Google Business Account Your Google Business account is, essentially, your Google Gmail account. In this case, it’s the account that you want to create that becomes your primary login or user account…

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13 Website Form Examples You’ll Want To Add To Your Website

website form examples to add to your website

We have some creative reasons to create a variety of website forms with a website form that can drive sales, increase leads, and save you time. Then a brief summary on form best practices and some ideas to automate your forms. Contact Forms Support Requests Qualify Prospect Forms Sign-Off Milestones Agreement Forms Subscribe Forms Customer…

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The 7 Google Analytics Reports You Need to Know

The 7 Google Reports

According to Marketing Land, almost 70% of the top 10,000 websites in the world are assessing the performance of their sites using Google Analytics, and 53% of all websites are using the data analysis tool—that’s more than 10 times the number using the next most popular analytics package (Yandex Metrics). There’s a good reason:  Google…

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How to Manage Social Media Graphics Using Canva

how to use Canva

 Transcript: If you’ve ever tried to create a bunch of social media graphics, I can understand how frustrating it can be. I want to show you a better way using Canva. Hey everybody, it’s Christina Hawkins, and let’s get started. I’m going to walk you through Canva. A little bit about Canva. Canva is…

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My Top 10 Favorite WordPress Plugins in 2019

Favorite WordPress Plugins

I was going through my old blog posts and making some corrections. Some posts I keep just for posterity but some really needed an update. One, in particular, is ‘Top 10 Favorite WordPress Plugins” from 2009! It’s an oldie but goodie.  I’ve already gone back and removed links to either dead plugins or some that…

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The Top 8 Competitor Research Resource List And Tools

competitive research

As the owner or operator of a growing business, you are responsible for keeping a pulse on the competition. By learning about your competitors’ marketing techniques, their product mixes, and their new target markets, you can adjust your own marketing strategy to gain an edge in your industry. Below is a look at the top…

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How Do I Improve My Local SEO With Google’s 3-Pack [5 Steps]

featured image - google 3 pack

Google is constantly evolving the search experience, especially local SEO. Because local SEO is ever-changing, businesses must do everything they can to adapt or else, they can fall behind their competition. A recent update in Google search results changed the way local businesses are featured in the search engine result pages (SERPS) when a user…

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