Add Email to Outlook

Add or remove an e-mail account

  1. In Outlook, select Tools / Account Settings.
  2. On the Email tab, click the New button.
  3. Check the “Manually configure server settings or additional
    server types
    ” checkbox.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Click the Internet E-mail button.
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. In the appropriate boxes, type the information given to you in a prior email.
    • Your Name—Enter your first and last name. This is the name that will appear in the From field of messages you send.
    • E-mail Address—Enter your entire email address (e.g.,, using all lowercase letters.
    • Account Type—Select POP3 from the drop-down menu.
    • Incoming mail serverSee your email
    • Outgoing mail server (SMTP)See your email
    • User Name—Enter your entire email address (e.g.,, using all lowercase letters.
    • Password—Enter the password for your email account.
  8. Click the More Settings button.
  9. Depending on your email, you will need to edit the following tabs:
    • Outgoing Server Tab:
      Check the “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” checkbox.
    • Click the Advanced tab:
      Outgoing server (SMTP):
      Port: 25 or 26
  10. If you are pulling the same email to another computer or mobile device, Check the “Leave a copy of messages on the server” checkbox, if desired.
    But be sure that one computer or device is deleting the email from the server to prevent your email server from getting too full.
  11. Click Test Account Settings to verify that your account is working. If there is missing or incorrect information, such as your password, you will be prompted to supply or correct it. Be sure your computer is connected to the Internet.

7. Click Finish.

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