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    As we gather your content we just want to make you aware of procedures regarding your logo, images, and photos.

    The appearance of your website has a lot to do with the photos or graphics you choose for your web pages. Clipart can be used but tends to make the pages look amateurish. Photos are best, but please provide the best quality you can obtain. Snapshots are fine as well, provided that they are clear and not too dark. We can retouch photos, but the better they are, to begin with, the better your site looks, the faster it gets done, and the lower the cost to you. 

    Choose A High Resolution.

    Please, for the sake of World Peace, send us high-resolution images big enough for us to use in PNG or JPG format if you are not sure about size, pixels, and dpi. That’s fine. Do your best or ask your designer. We’ll love you for it!

    We don’t work with images embedded within Word, PDFs, Powerpoint, scanned images, etc. These images can lose their resolution when inserting them.

    Don’t Have Your Own?

    We’ll send you a photo lightbox that is a collection of the photos we believe will work for your website. If you’d like, you can go to https://www.istockphoto.com/ and choose photos. We have a subscription, so you can just let us know the file number and download it.

    Who, What, Where.

    When sending photos, make sure that each photo is described in a document or the email. It helps us understand your perception of each photo. Please do not send, as an example, 75 photos and ask us to choose the top 5.   Send only the photos that you feel would best represent you and the company.

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