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    Optimizing your website for Google (SEO) is a critical part of your overall success. But, if SEO is your trail of breadcrumbs, the conversion is your trap. The best SEO strategy on the plant isn’t going to be successful if you can’t convert your clients during their journey to (and on) your website.

    What happens when users click on your website? Do they browse your content and engage with your brand? Or, are they leaving immediately and seeking out additional resources? Answering these questions is key to boosting your ROI and scoring more clients.

    For contractors, measuring conversions is a nuanced process. Each contractor has different business needs, unique pain points, and specific goals. So, most contractors use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure how successful their site is at converting prospects. These KPIs include things such as:

    • Bounce rate
    • Site traffic
    • Increased calls from prospects
    • Cost of customer acquisition (COCA)
    • Traffic to lead ratios
    • Landing page conversions
    • eBook and white paper downloads
    • Newsletter subscribers
    • Webinar signups

    With the average B2B conversion rate sitting around 1 – 4%, finding a way to growth hack those rates is a critical part of developing a successful digital strategy. So, today, we’re going to take a look at some effective B2B website conversion strategies. With contractors in mind, this post will focus solely on B2B and contractor-specific conversion methods.

    Let’s dive in!

    1) Dominate Your Call-to-Action

    Your call-to-action — or CTA — is a quick phrase, sentence, or image that prompts your users to take action. For contractors, your CTA is your bread-and-butter. If you want to swell your pipeline with prospects, you need a killer CTA.

    Where should you put your CTA?

    Everywhere! Facebook pages with CTAs can increase click-through-rates by 285% and emails with CTAs can increase sales by +1,000%! Did you know that 90% of people who read your blog content’s headline will read the CTA?

    CTAs are conversion machines, and you should put them on every piece of content you put out.

    How do you create a compelling CTA?

    1. Give users a reason: Why should they contact you? Give them a reason to click contact. Check out Surplus Energy’s CTA. It’s clear, concise, and gives users a reason to contact them for their surplus needs. You have options to request a consult or to make a purchase right there and then.
    2. Urgency: Play on your users FOMO (fear of missing out.) If you’re having a sale, make that clear in the CTA. “Take Advantage of This One-Time Super Sale!”
    3. Brand the CTA: You can get super creative with your CTAs. Use your voice and brand to create compelling (and interesting) CTAs. Are you a playful plumbing company? You could use “Tired of Dealing With Life’s ****?”

    oil gas website design and ecommerce

    2) Include Tons of Contact Points

    Some businesses can thrive with single contact points (especially B2B brands,) but contractors definitely aren’t one them. Depending on your vertical (plumbing, roofing, construction, etc.) your customer may need to contact you for an emergency. Make sure that you give them a way to do that! Put contact information everywhere. Customers should be able to rapidly find your phone number, email, contact forms, etc. If they can’t, you’ll probably miss a chance to convert them.

    Check out this screenshot of Howell Services. Can you find the contact information? You bet! It’s everywhere!

    richmond tx plumber

    3) Growth Hack Landing Page Videos (A/B)

    Landing pages are an essential part of any SEO strategy. In particular, landing pages drive your paid campaigns. But, not all landing pages are created equally.

    Did you know that adding a video to your landing page increases conversions by 86%? What about the fact that long-form landing pages can increase conversions by 220%?

    There are tons of ways you can growth hack your landing pages with little-to-no-effort. The trick here isn’t to follow a specific trend; it’s to test your landing pages.

    A/B testing is the single most effective way to create the best landing pages. Don’t worry! You should have plenty of pages to A/B test. 48% of marketers use a new landing page for every single campaign.

    mobile welding and fabrication

    4) Leverage Testimonials

    The best website design quickly gain conversions by adding testimonials. Think testimonials don’t work? Think again! 88% of customers trust testimonials! Also, customers are 58% more likely to convert when they see your testimonials.

    Check out this example from ApplianceServiceTechs.com. They have their testimonials right next to their contact page. Those testimonials may be the last little leap those prospects need to convert.

    appliance repair sugar land tx

    5) Offer Discounts

    A common misconception with discounts is that you’ll lose money. Maybe, if you look at revenue as the initial profit from a customer. That’s a horrible way to measure ROI. Here’s the formula: lifetime value (how much the customer spends during their life as a customer) – customer acquisition cost (how much you paid to get the customer)

    Discounts are a surefire way to boost conversion rates and increase your ROI. In fact, customers who use coupons/discounts spend 46% more on average. Also, 34% of Millennials use coupons on a weekly basis!

    If you’re not using coupons, your competitor will.

    6) Have a Value Proposition

    Why should your customers do business with you and not your competitors? That’s your value proposition and should answer all of the following questions.

    1. Why should your customers shop with you?
    2. What problem are you solving?
    3. Why are you the best at solving that problem?

    69% of B2B businesses have a value proposition for a reason — they convert. Customers are much more likely to click that CTA if they know that you’re the best option.

    Check out this example from WmMorris. This hero image is a great example of showing off your value prop. Why should you contact WmMorris? They have “Customer-Driven Services, Strong Communications Practices, and Integrity.” That’s why!

    commercial transportation broker

    7) Drop the Jargon

    Contractors usually operate in a world of jargon. Don’t use that jargon on your website. Tons of businesses think that jargon makes them sound smart and positions them as experts. Instead, it confuses customers.

    If you’re a roofer, don’t say: “Do you have cracked flaunching and damaged eaves?” Your customers are going to have no idea what you’re saying. Instead, try saying: “Is your roof damaged?”

    Don’t confuse your customers; make your statements clear and concise.

    8) Be Yourself

    Finally, and most importantly, be YOU. Customers notice when businesses are real and transparent. Did you know that Walker predicts that the brand will overtake price and product as the key differentiator for businesses by 2020? Also, did you know 80% of customers think authentic voice and content is the most critical aspect that causes them to interact and follow a brand?

    Being yourself and true to your business is, without a doubt, the single most crucial part of creating a conversion machine. Tips, tricks, and fancy statistics can’t hold a finger to authenticity and branding. Make sure that your website is true to your brand.

    Your Turn?

    Do you have any conversion tips to share? Did any of your campaigns get killer engagement? Share the deets with us in the comments!

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