The 6 Human Needs That Affect SEO

[I give examples of search results and how each entry uses a human need to entice a click]

As sit at my desk, every day, scouring the internet for information that can help my customers, it’s easy to see how some of the successful websites tend to tug at some of our basic human needs.

This concept is not new. Since the dawn of time, we’ve all done things, bought things, built things that fulfill these needs.

Marketing experts found this out as well.

Since social media came to rise, we can see these needs magnified.

Television uses this to the hilt.

What I find strange is that we often miss this boat in our websites. As much as we, as programmers and business owners, hate to admit and often forget, human need is what keeps us afloat. We build our websites for search engines hoping to reach the coveted top spot.

But, it’s a human is on the other end making that crucial decision to click your link to your website.

The typical click-through-rate is approximately 3-4%, but that depends on so many factors (search engine page, pay-per-click, map?)

Optimizing your website for the Search Engines is very difficult and time-consuming. There are so many elements that get you the top spot and, regardless, it may not even happen.

Then when it does happen, you find you get no clicks! So frustrating!

This is where your target marketing and user profiles come in handy. This is where all that research you did, trying to figure out your best customers, helps.

This is where it’s important to gain some perspective from your customers and understand what they are looking for at that moment but also how they are feeling, their values and what goal he or she is trying to meet online.

There are 6 human needs when building your search campaign.

You should include at least one of these factors in your meta tags; title and description.


Assurance you can avoid pain and gain pleasure.

A listing with a guarantee can help assure your customers of their satisfaction and pleasure.

seo and human need certainty

Uncertainty & Variety

the need for the unknown, change, new stimuli

Traveling is an easy one to express change.

seo and human need uncertainty


feeling unique, important, special or needed.

Notice how this fitness center focuses on a unique group?

seo and human need significance


a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something.

This one highlights community and collaboration.

seo and human need connection


an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding.

Tony Robbins focuses a human need for development and growth.

seo and human need growth


a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others.

It was easy to find an example of a listing that expresses support.

seo and human needs

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