5 Web Design Elements That Will Keep Your Users Happy

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    While building a website, we often find some of our client’s focus on their ‘quality’ services, their awards, their projects, their mission statement. It’s understandable. It’s easy to talk about something you know so much about.

    But, that is not what your users care about.

    The most important piece of any website is the user. Yes, the user or your customer should be the first factor when building and designing your website. Your customers will determine the focus and goal(s) and purpose and finally the solution.

    So what elements in your web design do your customers want to see? What would make them happy and keep them on your website and finally make that conversion or that sale?

    1. Easy navigation and hierarchy. The worst thing you can do to make your customers mad or annoyed is confusing them at first glance. Mystery meat, unique or cute terms, and hidden navigation do not help your customer get to where they need quickly. Be very clear what each navigation item does and means.

    Below is the Blue Bell ice cream’s homepage. As your mouse hovers over the objects a little pop-up message shows you what you’ll click on. Makes it very difficult to find what you need.

    mystery meat


     Below is an example of our menu with clear navigation, no special terms or mystery titles.


    2. Fast loading website. Not only do your users love a fast website but Google loves it too. How often have you hit the back button after waiting for a website to load? Speed is also dependent on what type of device your customers are using; desktop, mobile device?website-speed

    3. Clear next steps with directional cues. Your users have a problem and it is your obligation to help them. It’s why they came to you. They are looking for your guidance so the best thing you can do is give it to them. These directional cues could be buttons, arrows pointing, forms, text with actual next steps. Anything that gives users that warm and fuzzy as to what you want them to do.

    website direction

    4. Easy contact information. Don’t make them hunt. Don’t make them guess. Your contact information should be everywhere. Plain and simple.

    website contact

    5. Pleasing design like white space, crisp images, large type, and clear fonts. Your website should, well, look good. Be careful not to fuss about with the latest fad when it comes to a website elements like slideshows or parallax scrolling. I am not talking about creating an award winning design, just a website that makes sense and works.

    apple website design

    Bottom line: Making your users and customer happy will result in better engagement and sales.

    Website Elements that Will Make your Clients Happy

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