45 Ideas to Help You Write a Blog

Part of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort begins with being a resource for your clients. It begins with content that your company or you provides and keeps providing on a regular basis. A blog post does not have to be big, long article full of snappy thoughts, witty banter, or hours worth of research. You can certainly do write with that style and if you can, good on you! I know I can’t. But that doesn’t mean your blog post can’t be interesting and insightful to your customers.

You can be the CEO, the marketing director, or the solo entrepreneur. You don’t have to be a blogger by trade.

I am often asked, “Christina, what would or should I blog about?” Well, to begin, don’t be afraid of writing or fear that you’ll not have ideas and topics.  You’d be surprised how they can pop in your head while driving, filing papers, talking with a client, reading a magazine, or attending a seminar. Just remember to jot the idea down (in Evernote if you are like me) to keep track of these great ideas.

So to help you move things along, I’ve complied 45 topics that might help spark your educator or storytelling mind. If you have any of your own ideas, share you it by leaving a comment!

  1. You hired a new employee
  2. New Location
  3. A lesson learned
  4. A mistake you made and what you did to correct it.
  5. New product
  6. New website redesign
  7. The progress of the redesign
  8. New brand
  9. New guest post somewhere else
  10. Something you learned at an event or seminar
  11. How you’re implementing what you learned
  12. A customer success story
  13. A customer question
  14. A mistake you made (for people to learn from)
  15. A mistake someone else made (and how to correct it)
  16. A neat tool you just tried
  17. Dispelling a myth about your market
  18. A demo of one way to use your product
  19. A demo of someone else’s product
  20. A review of someone’s product or service
  21. A new contest you’re running
  22. The results of a contest
  23. You disagree with popular opinion
  24. The results of the feedback
  25. Top 5 FAQs and their answers
  26. Pose your own questions. What would you like to know about your customers?
  27. Something you learned from a new book
  28. Resources you’ve been using lately
  29. Restating your value proposition or mission
  30. Changes you’re making in your business and why
  31. Something you learned from your mentor
  32. A video you just made
  33. How to do something (step-by-step)
  34. Follow-up to something you sent before
  35. A report that combines a blog post series you wrote
  36. Updated blog from a while ago and what has changed
  37. You’re going to be away at a conference
  38. Discuss an info graphic on some stats.
  39. Go behind the scenes of your business.
  40. Create a regular feature; a customer of the week or tip of the week.
  41. Take a reader poll
  42. Review your analytics to see which keyword searches bring customers to your site. Then do posts on those topics.
  43. Case Study
  44. Interview a local celebrity in your field
  45. Compile a list of resources

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