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    What makes a construction website effective? Many elements go into making the best of the best, but you must align your website with your business, goals, and company values. And most of all, it needs to be responsive and informative. You will use your construction or contractor website to communicate your message, engage users, display your work, and generate revenue.

    Your website designer should map out your entire website with clear intentions for what you want users to do. You must guide them through not only the website but their decision-making process. Each page of your website will aim to do just that.

    To give you an idea of an effective website design, GlobalSpex has gathered twenty-five great contractor remodeling websites for inspiration!

    Along the way, we will point out why these websites are effective.

    What Makes A Great Construction Website?

    While aesthetics is a matter of taste, you must include certain elements in a construction website to make it effective. It starts with an intriguing homepage with vivid imagery that makes viewers want to see more. An about us page is also necessary.

    Prospective clients want to know that your company is reputable and can be trusted. Consistent, regularly updated, and informative content is also a vital component. Your company portfolio is necessary with images of your projects and even a section for featured projects. Most importantly, the entire website must be mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines.

    Here is a checklist for some other things that are important in construction website design:

    Clean and Updated Design

    You can’t underestimate the power of a good website design! A clean, professional looking site will give you an edge over other remodelers. Make sure your prospects know that you are proud of your brand and available to work with them today!

    Clear and Concise Calls to Action

    Your website’s goal is to bring in new business. Wherever you need more users who convert, your website should have a call to action (CTA). We look for these CTAs throughout the site and on top of home pages because it’s where potential customers might first see them after searching Google or visiting another page. We recommend adding CTAs at various points throughout a web page or blog post. 

    Full Color Project Images

    Your prospects want to see your work. Make sure you’re only using large, high-resolution photos and ensure that your website can keep up without sacrificing speed. Explain the images and how your company made the magic happen. Mention any challenges and how your team overcame them.

    Easy Navigation 

    Don’t make visitors search for your work. Make it easy for them to find the type of project they are interested in seeing or if your style meets their requirements. If they miss your hidden link that takes them to your best work, you’ll lose users. In addition to portfolios, what type of work do you like to take? Having navigation that explicitly spells out that you do like bathroom remodels or age-in-place upgrades can help you narrow your incoming leads and local SEO.

    Compelling and Clear Blog Content

    We recommend using an experienced copywriter who can present your company and project information clearly and compellingly. And keep the content coming. Your viewers are looking for consistency, which keeps them coming back for more.

    Search and User Optimized.

    Combining two different goals that can sometimes be opposite each other is a challenge. One side, you want to show up on the top results of search engines, while on the other, you need to appeal to users and convert.

    You need to balance these opposing concepts delicately.

    The ultimate goal for Google is to understand the context of the content and serve results based on searcher intent. One of the best ways of doing this is by delivering useful content. Google provides search results based on user intent, and it is concerned with the context of the user’s search. It focuses on figuring out what the user wants and needs and for what exactly it is they are searching. It’s not just about keywords; it’s about contextual keyword search results. This helps the user get more accurate results quickly. 

    Some examples of being optimized for users and SEO are:

    1. Create a resource center to serve as a content hub.
    2. Create specific service articles that are connected to your resource center.
    3. Then interlink articles that are connected to your resource.
    4. Promote your blog posts on social media to get the word out.
    5. Make use of your smartphone’s camera. Images and videos are more likely to convert than text alone then add them to your blogs.
    6. Refresh stale and under-utilized blog posts.

    25 Great Construction Websites

    We regularly check out what’s out there to keep up to date on website industry trends for our construction clients. While we search, we find sites that are impressive and worth sharing. Read on to see the twenty-five great construction websites we’ve amassed.

    1. Built by Turnkey 

    The highly specialized contractor turned to GlobalSpex and MyOnlineToolbox for an exceptional website highlighting their residential and commercial projects. The design and full-color project images are clear and crisp; they state their mission and present information on their user-friendly website. Navigation is easy, with clearly marked pages and easily accessible information within each page. We also improved their local SEO to capture the north Texas market they serve. Each location page shows work they’ve completed in the area and appropriate keywords. The calls to action are direct and plentiful; the homepage alone suggests scheduling a consultation in three places.

    2. Hill Construction Company 

    This luxury construction firm chose to keep everything simple. They spread their tagline throughout the website, including the homepage that shows their work. Switch to their portfolio, which is clean and crisp, highlighting the beautiful designs they’ve delivered. The firm explains its construction process on its Approach page, providing prospective customers with a roadmap through the process. When you arrive at their Contact page, they extend an invitation, “Let’s build something beautiful.” 

    3. Taylor Lane 

    This UK company’s website includes powerful calls to action and vivid imagery. Their Self Build page details what this means and details the method’s benefits. The portfolio is easy to navigate and easy on the eye due to its simplicity. A full menu of options lies across the header, giving users many opportunities to find what they are interested in and suggest some things they have never considered. We see a downside: the contact form seems hidden on the footer, and it isn’t easy to read.

    4. TSG Construction 

    The easy-to-read and navigate TSG Construction website employs a straightforward design. The header on the homepage builds credibility by touting their history and experience in the industry. They display their contact phone number and the contact us tab across the header. Below the fold, the firm offers information about its satisfaction ratings.

    5. Weitz 

    Weitz is a larger construction company with a long history in the US. Its website is undoubtedly modern and makes effective use of images and videos. It’s clean with a slight level of animation but it seems to lack a level of personalization or realness. It’s almost too polished and lacks what I call the brand’s character or its ‘humanness.’ 

    6. Levite Construction Company

    The Seattle construction company’s website sets the mood with a great video that gives you the feeling of walking into a kitchen. It is truly a resource for its customers with some great features and benefits that I’m sure keeps its users engaged and on the website. The menu is clean and the content is easy to find. They make it very easy to contact a representative but it might be that there are too many options. My recommendation would be to remove the distracting extras that take away or divert users from the main goal. For example, the two chatbots that sit on the right margin and the 2 social media buttons on the left. One chatbot is great and most likely is one of their specific calls to action but two are overkill. I can’t imagine trying to manage both. Another recommendation would be to personalize the website with photos of your team. People like working with other people and if I can recognize someone that I might talk to by phone or in-person might help with later sales.

    7. Basement Refinishing Company

    Unlike many other remodeling companies, this one takes a very clear approach by saying, “We do basements.” From a strategic side, having a website that uses the key phrases that you work to rank for, is very helpful. Keeping the website clear on your specific services also helps your conversions and builds trust as you can dive deeper into all of the objections customers might have. With a wide variety of photos and examples, you can keep users on your website. The downside is that basement refinishing is not all that they do.  This might confuse people and might not give you the type of work you want if you are looking to sell your other services. Their website shows a wide variety of remodeling services including bathrooms and basements. They have several calls to action which is good but can confuse people. What is the one thing you want me to do? This is an SEO-optimized website that is clearly looking to rank for specific phrases that include basements.  

    7. Chelsea Construction 

    The distinguished Chelsea Construction website features a simple header with easy navigation. It has a unique font and color that matches its brand, while the homepage lists its experience and the locations they serve. Below the fold is the information about the projects they deliver and their approach. What’s missing is a list of their specific areas and cities and a proper consultation request form to help them qualify leads.

    8. Brener Construction  

    Brener keeps the luxury that they are known for reflected on their website. The website’s clean and modern design lets you see what they do when you first access the homepage. Their portfolio offers beautiful images but could benefit from descriptions of each project featured and maybe some before and afters. The firm took advantage of media mentions, sharing their spotlight on Bravo’s “Get a Room” which can help with social proof.

    9. Razzano Home and Remodeling

    Simplicity is the order of the day at Razzano Homes & Remodelers. A bold logo, a simple header, and an introduction to their services and approach on the homepage give the company a refined, approachable message. They break down their portfolio page into each project, providing a nice look at a complete home remodeling. The slight animation is appealing and draws your attention but too much can be distracting. What’s missing is a proper consultation request to help them qualify leads.

    10. Fine Line Group 

    The easily navigable Fineline Carpentry website uses effortless copy to explain what they offer. The firm shares its team members and their featured projects here as well but it seems to be added too soon. I would have moved that section to the bottom. Users are more interested in your asking, “Can you do what I need?” Then they are concerned with who will do it. It would have been nice to see more about each project, but the photos are vivid and clear. Using vibrant color is a great idea and helps users see different features. 

    11. Kenham Building 

    Kenham captures user attention with the running water and steam flowing from the sink on their homepage. The interactive website offers a slideshow through its services, also listed in the navigation menu. What’s brilliant is the 3D walkthrough video near the footer of the firm’s homepage. Although we have to note that it’s not currently working. Keeping your website updated is essential; users would be disappointed when they click only to see nothing happen. Then, as much as we liked the animation, it can be distracting and keep users from converting by not seeing the specific calls to action.

    12. Desert Star Construction 

    The Arizona construction company has a modern and functional homepage with beautiful images of its work. They make clever use of animation and interesting typography throughout the website. The simple phrase “since 1978” establishes their credibility, and the homepage copy offers their story. This is paired with a professionally produced video narrated by the firm’s President, Jerry Meek. 

    13. Rebath 

    This is another website that highlights what they do best, bath remodeling. The Re-Bath website is user-friendly and makes it easy for viewers to understand their services and methods. The header displays the navigation menu, phone number, and a consultation button that makes it easy to reach the company and efficiently move through the website. Videos show their featured products and projects with their clients as the stars. Rebath also offers informative blog posts that are easy to read with closing calls to action. 

    14. Ken Spears Construction

    Another GlobalSpex construction website, Ken Spears Construction, is perfectly optimized for local SEO as well as users within Illinois. Not only are the various locations they serve, but each service area has its own web page. The website has a portfolio and featured project page along with service pages. The stories that accompany each project offer information about the problems the clients are experiencing and how Ken Spears Construction overcomes them.

    15. ABS Seamless 

    The ABC Seamless website is interactive, has an up-front call to action, and a navigation menu that moves with the user to browse each page. While the website may seem a little busy but it is easy to find what you need. It also looks good and works well on a mobile device. They offer videos about other siding options as well as their offerings. I would recommend adding more resources outside of their design tool and adding instructional information for homeowners.

    16. Reborn Home Solutions 

    A residential full-service remodeling company, Reborn does an excellent job of keeping visitors wrapped up with information. They also use a pop-up feature that get’s users to think again before clicking away. Location pages offer a map and information about the local area and services offered. Their “Inspiration Gallery” shows their work and includes clients’ names, telling the project information in the form of a story. 

    17.  McGookin Remodeling, LLC

    When GlobalSpex answered the call to help McGookin proudly display their skills and artisanship when scaling their business, we reviewed their marketing and goals and started from scratch. From the ground up, we built a new website, included valuable content, and employed professional photos to showcase their work. Their website is now responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO optimized. Their mission and an invitation to view their portfolio are on the homepage and once a user enters their website, it is divided into projects. 

    18. Straub Construction

    The best thing about this website is how effectively they tell stories. There are videos and photos that walk you through the concept and the project and introduces you to the team. The Straub team has decided that they have a certain approach – emotion. Their menu titles include “What We Build”, Why We Build”, and “Community”. The theme runs throughout the whole website. This is a perfect example of proper branding from the business plan to the marketing. 

    19. MVP Construction 

    The MVP Construction website offers a pleasurable user experience and breaks down the projects by category. The blog delivers valuable content that uses easy-to-understand language without any industry jargon. The homepage starts with a direct question, “Do you need replacement windows?” with an option to view their window services. Their portfolio details the work location and a bulleted list of work done on the project. Each project provides a button that allows users to get their quotes. 

    20. Home Pros of Central PA

    This residential remodeling company shows its services quickly and its branding is seamless and strong. The downside is that their menu is missing their logo and the menu text is missing because their font color is the same as the background color. As soon as you start to scroll, it comes back. Outside of this technical issue, it’s a great site. They put their reviews on the homepage with high visibility helping build credibility. They display projects in their portfolio in various categories. Their chat option in the bottom right corner is helpful for a call to action and lead capture. In addition, it keeps users on the page longer. I would recommend removing the homepage slider. It’s been proven then sliders don’t work and most people don’t stay and watch. It’s best to have a very strong image with a single call to action. You can add more photos later down the page.

    21. Total Basement Finishing


    Built on WordPress, the website makes navigation easy appearing as users scroll down the page. They also offer a “find a contractor” to help users find construction pros nearby. The company aims to become an authority and great resource with the Basement Space & Planning Ideas page. This is a fantastic way to keep users coming back and choosing you while gathering information and ideas. 

    22. Schumacher Homes 

    Custom home builder Schumacher Homes greets visitors with a video of homeowners living in their homes and exquisite exterior shots. They use a menu option to display promotions with a solid call to action to take advantage of the offers. Their location page offers an interactive map. Financing options are given on their finance page, accessible from the navigation menu.

    23. Maverick GCI Builders

    Miami-based remodeling and custom home building firm Maverick GCI’s website hits all the marks. The GlobalSpex website features a clean and crisp design. As you scroll through the homepage, clear and concise calls to action are available in each section. Their projects are highlighted with rich, vibrant photos. Users need only press easily marked menu items to navigate the website with content that provides the information necessary for their clients to decide to call about their projects. Location pages focus on each service area, describing the locale and providing photos of projects they’ve completed in the area. 

    24. Rocka Builders 

    The site utilizes a sub-menu to find services on its service page. The entire homepage has a collection of photos of their work but with a nice twist. The layout is pleasing, and the slight animation gives it a nice touch. Pictures can make all the difference when it comes to showcasing your work. We would prefer that more information is given when users click through. But it’s a beautiful site with services listed on the homepage and a side menu. 

    25. K. Boyce Renovations 

    K. Boyce Renovations uses a stunning slideshow as the backdrop to its homepage. Testimonials are posted up front on the homepage to build credibility. The residential and commercial design and build firm allow users to request a quote across all pages on their website. Services are listed along the bottom and in the pull-down menu on the top of the website. 

    GlobalSpex Loves Creating Effective Construction Websites

    If you’re ready to put a powerful website to work for your construction company, GlobalSpex is here to help. We have experience collaborating with our contractors and remodeling clients. Each of our client’s needs is different, and we work to customize the experience for each of them. But there are a few main elements that we hope to include in each project:

    Portfolio & Featured Projects

    While portfolios show the work you’ve done when you add content to explain the project, it adds credence to the professionalism and talent of your team. We also categorize the projects by type, so visitors can find what they are looking for when considering your firm.

    SEO & Local Optimization

    No matter how great your website is, it means nothing if your audience can’t find you. We are experts in Search Engine Optimization.

    Responsiveness on Any Device

    So much has changed in internet usage in the past decade. According to Stats Counter, Global Stats desktops saw 89% of web traffic in 2012. In 2016, mobile expanded to take over 50% of the share. In 2022, the figure is holding in the US, and the industry expects this to grow. GlobalSpex only creates mobile responsive websites.

    A Persuasive Call to Action

    Creating a website is only half the work. A gorgeous website means nothing if it’s not bringing in new business. We craft specific calls to action to entice visitors to perform a particular action, filling out a form or calling your firm to get started on their project.

    Designed & Delivered for You

    We know that your expertise is in construction, and you can trust that we will take the helm. Our team guides you through the process, gathering everything that we need from you, and we take it from there. You give us your vision, and we make it a reality.

    Build Your Custom Construction Website with GlobalSpex

    The twenty-five construction websites we’ve shared today show that imagery, easy navigation, and compelling content all make for a winning website. An effective website can help grow your revenue, and GlobalSpex Digital Marketing is here to deliver just that! We offer a free SEO audit to determine if your website makes it easy for prospects to find your firm on search engines if you currently have a website. You’ll receive a free website report to help you outperform the competition, engage visitors, and generate more leads. Reach out by calling us at 281-201-4527 or schedule your free consultation today!

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