21 Tips for LinkedIn Lead Generation

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    21 Tips for LinkedIn Lead GenerationThere are many tiny tweaks you can make to your LinkedIn account.  And many of these can directly affect your lead generation results.

    Here is a sampling of 21 tips you can try out for yourself…

    1.    Upgrade Your Account LinkedIn Upgrade

    Having an upgraded pro account allows you much more access to features that can significantly increase lead generation opportunities. You can take advantage of options such as:

    • Using InMail to contact anyone, without restriction
    • The ability to see all expanded profiles (1st,  2nd and 3rd degree)
    • See complete details on who has viewed your Profile
    • Expanded selection of search filters
    • Expanded selection of results
    • Access to OpenLink, which allows anyone on LinkedIn to message you for free
    • The ability to save Searches
    • Notifications when new Profiles fit your Search criteria

    The ability to search references is a handy feature if you are a Company that hires employees. There are three versions of Upgrade, each with more features than the next.  Check them out by pressing the “Upgrade” link in the top-left corner of your LinkedIn menu, besides “Account Type”.


    2.    Upgrade Your Company Page “Career” Page

    Did you know you can upgrade this section to “Silver” or “Gold” status?

    Silver allows you to access a “full suite of features” such as clickable banner functionality, analytics, video content.

    Gold allows you to create up to five custom version of your Career page to show content targeted to the viewer’s specific profile

    Upgrading is something to consider if you’re not just looking for leads, but employees or contractors.  One of its biggest benefits, however – it allows you to control which ads appear on that page:  Otherwise, you have no control

    3.    Make Full Use of Your Company Page “Products and Services”

    There are many ways to use your Products and Services section to increase leads and click-throughs.

    • Ask for product recommendations.  (Note:  You need a company email address from the domain used to create your Company page for this to work.)
    • Choose the “Targeted Audience” feature to help customize and fine-tune content for your banner ad to the exact client you want to attract
    • Include promotional videos to show how your product or services can benefit your exact target client or customer
    • Link to other rich media content.  This option is still in a beta stage, but if you’re creating an ad or showcasing your products and services, see which third-party platforms you can link to.
    • Cross-promote to your other social networks right from this page

    4.    Share your Profile on Facebook and Twitter.

    But DO personalize the default message!

    Customize LinkedIn Message

    You can share your Profile any time you like.  Doing so is easy:

    • Select your “Profile” tab
    • Hover over the arrow beside “Edit”
    • Select “Share Profile” from the drop-down menu
    • Share on either or both Facebook and Twitter

    5.    Use LinkedIn Mobile.

    Do this especially if your target market is heavy mobile users… but be aware that a number of people using the LinkedIn Mobile app is still – surprisingly – very small, proportionately.  In fact, one survey showed that 95% of all LinkedIn users still like to access it on their PCs, rather than their mobiles.

    LinkedIn Mobile

    6.    Use the “Lead Collection” feature when crafting or tweaking your ads.

    (You can turn it on and off.)

    7.    Update your Profile regularly.

    Whenever you do, an “activity broadcast” is sent to all your LinkedIn connections.  (By “regularly”, not too often, not “never”, and always at consistent intervals.)

    8.    Promote your Public Profile

    And don’t forget about it, once you’ve created it.  (Remember:  Google loves regularly updated content.)

    • Update your head shot
    • Create an email signature containing your Public Profile URL
    • Make sure you do create a Public Profile custom URL!
    • Add a LinkedIn “View My Profile” button to your CV, website or blog

    Note:  You must display your full surname in order to create a Public Profile

    9.    Ask for – and give – quality recommendations.

    When people give you specific recommendations showcasing your values, skills and the benefit of using your services, it’s like getting a five-star restaurant review appearing in Google Plus Local results. It can boost click-throughs and entice people not just to subscribe or follow – but to try your services.

    • Be specific, when giving recommendations.  Tell exactly how the person’s services or product made your life better, boosted your business, or provided you with inspiration.
    • Thank people for their recommendations
    • Reciprocate – but only if you genuinely do know what their own services or products are like, or you have known them in a coworker or team capacity.  Never fake recommendations to please someone.

    Your recommendations should be like rare jewels, highly prized and savored with delight by the recipient.

    • Get into the habit of giving recommendations on a regular basis – not too many; but don’t let the better part of a year go by before you recommend someone new

    10. Be sparing and specific with endorsements.

    Otherwise, they will lose their value.  Only endorse people for skills you know they wish to be known for particularly.

    11. Use OpenLink to message those with Premium accounts.

    Look for the row of dots after their names, indicating they have enabled OpenLink.  This means they accept messages. (You can find more information about OpenLink in the LinkedIn Help Section.)

    12. “Follow” industry movers and shakers.

    Even if you think they’re too far up there in the stratosphere to accept a connection request, you can still follow them and receive their updates.

    You will often get great lead generation tips and examples this way, as well as breaking news – and you can also sometimes gain visibility and leads from making intelligent and useful comments on their posts. To find top people in your niche or industry to follow, just visit the LinkedIn Who To Follow Page.

    Be Selective About who you follow on LinkedIn

    Don’t be indiscriminate with your Follows and get “click-happy” – be selective. But the more people you select to Follow, the more LinkedIn seems to tailor its suggestions.  (And you can always Unfollow people too.)

    13. Don’t post sporadically.

    Make sure your presence – and activity – on LinkedIn is consistent, regular and habitual. People will become quickly disheartened if they send you a message or take the time to comment on one of your posts… and there is silence from you for more than a few days.

    14. Don’t post too often!

    Some top industry leaders actually have to learn this lesson.  There was a recent group discussion about who people had Unfollowed for bombarding them with posts.  (Posting every 1-3 days is enough!)

    15. Don’t neglect your Groups.

    Do keep up on active threads, and vie for the role of most active participant, answering questions and generally chatting (relevantly, of course). The more energy you put into a Group, the more the Group will generate… and the more looked-to for the leadership you’ll become.

    16. Recommend your best Resources.

    Especially now that Apps such as the Amazon Reading List have disappeared. And by “best resources”, we don’t just mean your own offerings:  We mean books you’ve read that have changed your life, programs you’ve used, apps you’ve installed, plugins that have made a difference. Share generously, and your posts won’t be skipped!

    17. Never post links or resources for the sake of posting.

    If you ever find yourself looking up stuff on the net and muttering “what can I share today on LinkedIn?” – don’t.

    Chances are that anything you share in this manner will feel as trite as all those links you’re constantly bombarded with yourself.  (When you share, you should be able to tell your reader exactly why you like the resource or link and what you think he or she will get out of it.  If you can’t answer that, it’s not worth sharing.)

    18. Whitelist LinkedIn for your email filters

    – especially if you have a “public” account such as Yahoo!, Gmail or AOL.

    19. Turn off irrelevant updates you receive on your Home Page.

    That way, you won’t find your LinkedIn feed so cluttered or tiring to go through.  (Just select “Settings” in the drop-down menu that appears whenever you hover over your name.)

    You can choose which specific types of updates to suppress:

    Turn Off Irrelevent updates on LinkedIn

    (You can also choose how many updates you want to see on your page.)

    20. Import both online and offline business contacts into LinkedIn.

    This will give you more authority in LinkedIn’s algorithms – and can help increase lead generation.

    21. Create a regular “Feature” and share it on the same day, every week.

    For example, every Monday you could post a Case Study that is relevant to your audience; or a Worksheet link.  Or even just an inspiring photo.

    Whatever you choose to make your regular “feature”, be consistent with it. Stockpile a few posts in advance, so that you are never caught short without your Feature for that day.

    Make sure it gets extra attention and gives extra value.  If you’ve hit the nail on the head with your targeting, people will soon start looking for your update on that day; and you can add links they can subscribe to so they don’t miss it.  (And remember to analyze your responses – this will give you big clues as to what your target audience really enjoys.

    Finally, remember to schedule your weekly Feature into your calendar!

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