Should I Use Twitter?

It’s hard to believe that it’s just been about 5 years since Twitter came into existence. It has grown so fast like wild fire that probably everyone on the planet has heard about it. However, although Twitter has become a household name, many people are still confused about what it really is all about.

To keep it short and simple, Twitter is a social media site and microblogging service that works around the principle of “followers”. A Twitter user can choose to follow other Twitter users. Once you become someone’s follower, you will receive all the “tweets” or brief messages from that user in real time.

Why People Use Twitter

If you think that Twitter users are people who have so much time to waste and an egotistical yearning to broadcast whatever thought that came to their minds or insignificant detail of their lives, you may be partly right. But the whole truth is there are also many others who are getting a lot of value from using Twitter.

People use Twitter for different reasons. Some use it to gain instant access to breaking news. Some to connect to people immediately. Some to get a glimpse of the life of people who they won’t get the chance to know in real life (i.e. the President, celebrities, royalties, etc). Some use it to quickly spread their news or get support for a cause. And others use it as a business tool.

What Business Owners Can Get Out of Twitter

Many business owners use Twitter to:

  • generate business leads and have the opportunity to interact with them.
  • find out about competition and who they interact with. Get to know what they are doing and thinking from their tweets. It can also be used to discover competitors’ weaknesses and use that information to their advantage.
  • advertise and promote blogs, new content on their websites and any other business announcements. Since people opt to follow tweets, messages are more targeted.
  • drive traffic to their websites. Using Facebook apps, Twitter and Facebook can be updated at the same time. This means that you can leverage the power of not just one, but 2 giant social network sites.
  • serve as a customer service platform by finding out what people think about their products or services then dealing with problems, if any.
  • recruit employees by tweeting about job opportunities.
  • network and build public relations to parties that can help promote the business.

So you see, there is a lot more to Twitter than trivial messages like “I had whole wheat cereal for breakfast” or stuff like that. Although sending or receiving blabber is enough motivation for some to use Twitter, many business owners are using Twitter to reap one or more of the benefits above.

Should you decide to be one of them, bear in mind that Twitter is just as useful as you make it.

Christina Hawkins

Since 1999, Christina has been designing and building exceptional websites. With many years of experience in creating thousands of websites, she understands the need for continuing education in her field and, therefore, is constantly learning and teaching others about internet marketing and digital processes. Christina has honed her digital marketing and graphic design skills so that she can help B2B industries get their message out to their target audience in the right way. In addition to her ability as a digital marketer, Christina serves as a coach and mentor with WPElevation to other digital marketing freelancers, helping them grow their businesses. She is a sponsor and co-leader of Houston's WordPress Meetup. Recently, she spear-headed the next Houston WordCamp 2020 as its coordinator after a 10 year hiatus and became the Houston Interactive Marketing Association Director of Technology.

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