Top 11 Reasons Why Your Website Repels Your Customers

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    Ever wondered why your website isn’t making you money? Most web owners have a set it and forget it attitude toward their websites. Yes, you spent a good amount of time at first creating your website but did you know that you should be checking on your website at least monthly?

    Dividends from your website will only arrive if you put in the effort and keep up with the latest web technology and changes while always testing what is working and what is not.

    Here’s the thing:

    Websites are not a “set and forget” marketing tool.

    Your business’s success relies on a website that is finely tuned and continuously tweaked. Failure to do so will result in more and more customers swiftly exiting your site, failing to help you get those revenues.

    If you are not sure what to check, I recommend giving a professional web designer a call but I have listed a few items to consider.

    We’re here to help get you started with web design optimization. Towards that end, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 11 Reasons Why Your Customers Are Leaving Your Website:

    1. It has not been touched in months.

    As with any investment like your home or car, if you don’t maintain it, it will rust. Even smaller equipment like one of my cameras will not work at its best if I don’t pick it up periodically, clean it and use it.

    If you haven’t looked at your site or checked how it’s performing, it will only get worse. You are losing traction in the competitive market if you are not consistently making changes and improving. What worked last year or 6 months ago, probably may not be working now.

    Maybe you find that users are leaving your website more and more. If so, why? Has the content gotten stale? Is it not capturing their attention enough?

    Recommendation: Look at your website regularly with a critical eye and click around. Even better, get a professional to review it and offer some recommendation. For a couple of hundred dollars, you can get some great insight. Small changes for big rewards.

    2. A Lack of Clarity

    No matter your target demographic, your audience is bound to lose interest quickly if your website lacks clarity in its writing and general structure. Short attention spans are a big problem after all.

    If you can’t quickly get to the point regarding your company’s value proposition or your business offers within a few of sentences, then you’re already failing. Also, your writing should be breezy and easy to read for the individual with a doctorate degree and the high school graduate. Your word choices should not be overly complicated.

    Recommendation. Have an editor or someone not in your company to try to read it and get some honest feedback.

    3. Your Web Design is Cluttered

    Professional web designers understand that well-formatted text is imperative. You may have already learned this yourself as you surf the web. Most of my clients tell me that they want the ‘open, clean’ design. We call that ‘white space’ or the space between elements.

    There should be ample white space within any web copy that keeps your website’s structure from becoming too cluttered. Frequent paragraph breaks and use of multimedia are key to keeping all your content readable and interesting to your potential customers. Refrain from displaying huge blocks of text!

    Recommendation: Ask yourself which sections or elements can be removed. What elements are duplicated or don’t offer a real purpose. If you have 4-5 small images, can you remove 1 or 2 of them? Maybe add some margin between elements to allow your user’s eye to take a break between paragraphs  4. Your Web Design Does Not Engender Trust

    4. Your Web Design Does Not Engender Trust

    But what does it mean to have a professional website?

    The word professional, like quality, can be a loose term. We all have our definition of what is professional. For me, a professional website is the embodiment of trust. It shows you took the time to offer your users a clear message, your photos are clear and easy to understand, it’s easy to navigate, and the colors are not distracting.

    Part of trust includes the previously discussed clarity topics. However, overall, your website’s design must also be simple to use from a graphical and navigation standpoint, as well.

    Failure to provide an attractive, intuitive #website will repel users & lose trust in your business Click To Tweet

    Accomplished website designers will all relay the same message regarding a professionally designed website. There is obviously a little more to it but I think these four are the foundations when endearing trust.

    Recommendation. Ask yourself if your website truly reflects your company and instantly gives off the impression that you care about them. Can you incorporate some videos? Is it time for a redesign or change to the content?

    5. Lack of a Clear Call-to-Action

    Remember, your visitors are going to possess a short attention span. You must get to the point and make a clear, deliberate call-to-action (CTA) that guides them along the sales path towards an ultimate resolution.

    Recommendation. Your CTA may be as simple as “Contact Us Today!” or “Sign up for more information!” or “Register Now!” It should be obvious and stand out as well as concise and clear. The CTA should send users to a specific landing page to make sure you convert that user to a prospect.

    6. Slow Load Times

    It’s as simple as this: slow loading websites are a killer to your bottom line. We all hate the spinning wheel on our computers why would you do that on your website. Ensure your website loads swiftly across all environments by checking speeds on both desktop and mobile platforms, as well as on Wi-Fi versus data connections (4G, et cetera).

    Recommendation: You can check your speed here:
    (It’s technical but we can help with that.)

    7. Poor Advertisements

    Don’t annoy your visitors! While pop-up advertisements or flashy graphics may provide some initial benefits, reliance on these tactics will turn off your audience and result in vastly fewer conversions.

    Recommendation: I recommend a simpler version with either a static box within your content or one that sits at the top and bottom of the page. Use a contrasting color for visibility.

    Don’t forget to change your ads out regularly to test what works and what does not work.

    8. Loud, Autoplaying Audio

    Using audio within your web design is one thing. Forcing audio on a user is quite another.

    Don’t sink your chances with your prospective customer at first glance by including auto-playing audio on your website. Let users control their own experience!

    Recommendation: Check each page that you have included video or any sound. Sometimes code can break if it’s not maintained. Browsers (FireFox, Chrome, IE) can change this can affect how your website behaves.

    9. Media Choices

    Remember, every photo and video you choose to add to your website becomes a direct reflection of your business.

    What are your images and videos representing? Are the values depicted in line with your company’s mission? Are the aesthetics acting as a complement to the rest of the style of your pages, as dictated by your website designer? These are critical questions to ask yourself.

    Other elements include actual photos of your team or the interior of your building. Real photos showing you and your employees in their uniforms or doing some work can make a big difference. Videos are great tools because users can get a sense of the corporate culture.

    For industries like dining or interior design, photos can make or break your website. Poorly chosen photos, maybe they are too dark or too busy or maybe what you were trying to show is too small and hard to see. I’ve seen photos with a portable toilet quite visible in the background. Yes… a toilet.

    Recommendation: I go into more detail on choosing photos for your website. In include details on what to look for and how to fix it.

    10. Too Much Outside Linking

    It’s great to include some outbound links on your site, including those to supporting articles as citations, as well as YouTube videos and the like. However, the main goal is to funnel along your sales leads towards an ultimate conversion on your own site.

    Recommendation: Keep outbound links to a minimum to ensure that your call-to-action is realized.

    11. Lack of Attention Paid to Analytics

    Always pay close attention to your available analytics. How are people getting to your website? Where are they coming from? Who are they? Does the traffic that is arriving match what you had in mind for your ideal audience?

    If the answer to the latter question above is “no,” you may need to lean on the expertise of professionals to rewrite and redesign your website for optimal performance.

    At GlobalSpex, we offer comprehensive Website Care Plans that offer a Website Care Report in addition to Monthly Database and File Backups, Malware Scans, Database Support, and Web Analytics. In addition, advanced care package features such as Performance Optimization, Intrusion Monitoring, and even Monthly Coaching Calls are offered.

    Our Website Care Plans will remove any guesswork on your end, transforming your website into an optimally performing solution designed to generate results and revenue for your business.

    Give your website a boost with our Website Care Plans today!

    why are your customers not buying from your websise?

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