10 Real Life QR Code Examples for Marketing

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    In a past blog post, I explained the idea of QR Codes. Below are 10 examples of what you can do to incorporate QR Codes into your internet marketing strategies.

    1. On your car, while parked at a client’s home or office or a stop light, visitors or neighbors can scan your code rather than type in your phone number. QR Codes can instigate a call, a website, or text.
    2. On postcards, direct mail that will send users to a landing page that describes that specific feature or special that you are promoting. It can send users to a coupon or contest
    3. Restaurants, on your menu to see photos of the food
    4. On a business card, send users to a special video of you welcoming them and telling them more about you and  your business.
    5. Place it on your storefront to direct users to your online store. You might be close but not your website.
    6. Add a qr code at checkout, send them to your Facebook page to continue the relationship.
    7. QR code stickers. Place anywhere and everywhere that you can.
    8. Magazine advertisement that sends users to a mobile friendly landing page.
    9. Expo or Conference Welcome signs with individual qr codes that sends participants to specific seminar pages, speakers, content downloads.
    10. At a cocktail reception that you are hosting, qr codes on napkins or coasters. This same concept would work great in bars where customers can be set to dial, say, a cab’s phone number or an online mobile game or Facebook fan page.
    Think past your website and more toward mult-media; videos, articles, coupons, phone calls, texting. The QR code is meant to expand the customer’s knowledge and supplement information and advertising.
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