Web Design & Digital Marketing

We believe in the small business owner
and their tireless dedication to their craft.

We believe they have something great to offer.

We make sure everyone else believes it too.

Web Design & Digital Marketing

We believe in the small business owner
and their tireless dedication to their craft.

We believe they have something great to offer.

We make sure everyone else believes it too.

Oil & Gas Internet Marketing

Struggling to impress new investors or take that leap into internet marketing?

Contractor Internet Marketing

Unhappy reviews? Social media out of control? Old website?

Search Engine Optmization

SEO is not only about #1 rankings, it’s also about your reputation and leads.

Website Examples

Over the years we've custom built many websites for many different types of businesses and entrepreneurs. Ask us about your unique website!


Utility Products

Managing a company's many products, components, and accessories can be more complex than people realize. There are a lot of moving parts and we needed present each piece in an attractive and compelling way. On the flip side, we needed to make sure the content could also be managed easily without thinking or spending hours on the display.



COSCO Heavy Transportation is a global shipping firm specializing in shipping heavy, industrial products. They required a redesign and improved navigation to get a real sense as to the variety and capability of their ships. COSCO caters to a wide variety of its customers’ needs for reliable semi-submersible marine transportation. The crisp, large photos and individual description have helped improve their overall brand as well.



Kenall Inc. is a growing engineering company going from local to national. As part of this growth, they needed to start announcing job opportunities and accepting job applications. Their new website allows potential employees find the right job but also allow the HR department manage resumes online. Another important goal was to increase their brand awareness while showcasing the variety of work they do. 

Increase Trust and Brand Recognition

8 Things Every B2B Company Can Fix On Their Website 

Get found and exceed your customer's expectations! This is my hope for you. Like most business owners and managers, you are probably overwhelmed by the possibilities of the internet. Done wrong, you'll lose business. Done right, and you'll gain a loyal customer. So here are eight things you can do in the next week to get the needle moving in the right direction.

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Need a Website Design Company in Houston? We are a team of web designers and developers who are excited to offer the experience gained over 20 years of being in the web industry. We build custom WordPress websites to meet any need. We are ready to design for your company. Connect with us today for a free, no-obligation proposal.

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Website Maintenance

We build peace of mind too! Managing & securing websites.

Need a someone to help maintain your website? Are you struggling to keep your website updated and secure? It's important now more than ever to keep your business safe as well as your customers.

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Digital Marketing


Internet marketing services takes patience, lots of content, creative ideas, and analysis. Connection is the key; connect with your audience and connect your networks. Get them working for you through a strategy of inbound marketing. GlobalSpex digital marketing services can help you market your website and get targeted customers to your site. We have experience in key word optimization, search engine submissions, and overall web marketing experience.

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